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Jiří Macháček running across the border. Trojan TOMAN shooting of the film began.

It began a week ago in a military area Brdy full shooting a historical drama TOMAN director and producer Ondrej Trojan. After three days of autumn předtáčce now waiting for the spring part of the filmmakers filming, which will continue into the summer and fall. The premiere is scheduled for the spring of 2018.

Our aim is to map the true life stages mysterious and highly influential Communist Recon Zdeňka Tomana in the period since the Second World War until after the communist coup in 1948 against the background of historical events and people that shaped these events. I do not want to make a feature drama of fiction based on historical facts. TOMAN be faithful period reconstruction based on irrefutable archive and eyewitness accounts, "says film director and producer Ondřej Trojan.

Zdeněk Toman, head of the Czechoslovak foreign intelligence service from 1945 to 1948, profiteer, a cheater and unscrupulous manipulator with the fate of many people from the highest political levels Czechoslovakia and abroad, who for personal profit and raising funds necessary for the success of the communist coup in 1948 shied scalp with anyone and anything. He was the person organizing the departure of Eastern European Jews, Holocaust survivors to Palestine via Czechoslovakia, but for fat commissions from Jewish organizations.
He became the first high imprisoned by the communist bosses who knew too much, and perhaps that's why he was able to comfortably escape from prison and get into the American zone in Germany. And Tomanův escape across the border was the first image that the whole shooting started. From dawn to dark, in 3 stages, the wind and rain, the crew managed to complete a full program including crowd scenes with Jewish refugees.

"Shooting will not be easy, it's dobovka, lots of ambience, which today look different historical props, cars, costumes and actors primarily due to the workload of the assembly shooting plan turned into almost superhuman task. It was just about to get the best and ideally as much like the real characters of our story, role in the occupation of play and details such as the need for the half-year cut up, throw off his beard, "says Trojan preparatory work and, referring to the main representative says "or spend your entire vacation in the shade, cover oiled white cream, then to not jump on canvas skin color."

Besides Jiřího Macháčka and Kateřiny Winterové in rolls Zdenek and Pešl Toman play Kristýna Boková as Toman secretary and mistress Třískalová, Stanislav Majer as the General Secretary of the Communist Party Rudolf Slánský, Marek Taclík as fanatical communist, head of the Defense Intelligence Bedřich Reicin, Slovak actors Roman Luknár as Jan Masaryk , Lukáš Latinák as a politician Vlado Clementis and Táňa Pauhofová as Toman sister Aurélia, then Lukáš Melník the role TOMANOVÁ right hand of Francis curacin, Jaromír Dulava as Interior Minister Václav Nosek, Jiří Dvořák as General Bartik, Martin Finger as an agent of the intelligence services Adolf Püchler Ales Walk as Klement Gottwald. The other roles are present, for example, Radek Holub, Ondřej Malý, Marián Mitaš, Ja roslav Plesl, Miroslav Táborský, Ady Hajdu, Václav Neužil, Pavel Liška, Halka Třešňáková or Lucia Šoralová. "In total we Toman occupied 70 roles, from the major to the minor episodes. We have actors z Čech and Slovakia, but also Americans or Polka, "calculates the casting director Petra Svarinská.

Spring filming will take place in addition Brd mainly in Prague at places where the events took place and real - in the center of Prague 6 and 7. Some interiors arise in Barrandov Studios.

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Photo to tz Bara Lockefeer, THA

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