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Child on the network. Do you know what your child is actually doing on the Internet?

World of the Internet, social networking, games and smart device is tempting, especially for children and adolescents. Parents often shall ensure that children learn the principles of good conduct, the security of the movement on the street, they explain the risks to entertain strangers, or disclosure of personal information. However, they forget one fundamental and alarming risk - the world of the Internet, games and social networking.

The fact that a child is a weekend home series of the parents rather calm, do not have to worry with it he goes, who he meets, what will this weekend do not fear to make him out nothing happened. Unfortunately, especially for older children and teens is often their biggest risk is hidden behind the monitor or notebook display their tablet or smartphone. Really know what your child is doing online, what is playing games with who writes what follows the group on social networking or whom he admires, or what scares him? Now there may be hidden because the biggest threat that affects your child and threatening. Meet therefore the basic rules of how to approach the child, nothing in his behavior when he noticed and be on the lookout.

Parents often fail to recognize and accept the risks that are hidden in the interactive world and that attacks primarily on children. It's kind of logical. Most of today's parents were born in a time when the Internet did not exist, the first computer took up an entire room and laptops, tablets and mobile phones were an ode future. And what about some social networks and communication through them halfway around the globe? The advent of these technologies and channels, then captured gradually, as they came, they had time and space is to experience and feel comfortable with them, get used to them and intellectually to include the correct level in the hierarchy of values, understand that the Internet and all smart devices used for work and communication, not as a source of entertainment or leisure.

In children, however, it is different.
Children born into modern times and paced, all smart devices, computer games and social networking is attracting, unfortunately, often to the point that they leave completely demolish and conquer. And when they do, it adds the following patterns, whether at the local level, such as a school idol, which looks or "personality" of the world on the Internet is trouble brewing. Finally, how easily teens are affected, and how little it takes a tragedy to us in recent days and persuaded hyped games in case the Blue whale.

Is your child safe? First alarming signals

If you're into now felt that the moment your baby close in her room with the tablet, mobile or playing "only" computer game, it's safe, it's time to sharpen. You can be really sure that its movement in the world of Internet and technology is safe?

According to an expert on the issue of children in connection with kybekriminalitou and also author of a series of books called "Swich from the realm behind the monitor" people Zavoralová that exactly this alarming problem trying to point out is essential to have a child always in mind.

"Today it is not possible to give a child a laptop or tablet and leave him alone with him, thinking that understands itself as the worldwide Internet orientation and behave. Even behind the walls of the safe apartment or house is not exempt even before the worst, "says
Lidija Zavoralová and continues:" It is important with the child to talk about what he likes, what lives, what new games or groups on social networks monitored and which call him . All of this is crucial information for parents, which should not be taken lightly and they themselves should try to play these games, to find a group of which the child speaks. It is not enough just to find a review for the game, because it can often be the work of marketing to increase sales, "adds the expert and author.

The first truly alarming signal for parents can be a fundamental change in the behavior of the child. Did you at home child who loved sports and the outdoors, and all of a sudden just sitting at the computer, a gruff, angry and nervous? In this case, each parent had a light shine upon her head. Of course, the reason may be, for example, only the first disappointment in love or quarrel with his best friend, but often the answer is just behind the monitor.
"Today, we can also meet with children addicted to smart devices, social networks, and computer games. Such a child or teen to behave differently than any other dependent, such as alcohol or drugs. It is aggressive, vicious, angry, for his "drug" can be anything, it can lie and deceive parents, just to allow as much time to spend, for example, a game that had not fully ruled the meantime, "says Lidija Zavoralová.

The modern era progresses, the technology company is still on, which gives a large space just the spread of cybercrime, whether they are hacker attacks or even games and applications are attacking the health and life. And they are just an easy target children and adolescents, who are often minimal pressure do anything.

Ten Commandments for Parents

Lidija Zavoralová also based on their years of experience in the field of IT, which can connect and compare with their role as mothers, prepared a Decalogue for all parents. Ten Commandments, which gives them clear guidance on how children and smart devices, which are limits and boundaries and how to behave, so that the child is respected, listened to them and is still able to recognize. Ten Commandments should be the perfect handbook every parent that may even save many a parent-child relationship, but also the health of ...

Phone, tablet or computer does not replace traditional child playing
Encourage your child that smart electronics used for education, work and communicate
For the youngest children is an electronic device suitable as a player Selected tales and educational applications
If a young child unsupervised use a tablet, put it into airplane mode
Talk to the parents of friends of their children on the rules of use of these electronic devices during mutual visits
Protect your electronic equipment complex password
A child should not with clever electronics to spend time every day. Make sure that the time you spend with her was a reasonable age, abilities and interests of the child. Regulation time to prevent addiction
Smart electronics can cause addiction comparable to drug addiction or alcohol
Every game you upload your first child to play alone. Reviews of games are often marketing tool
Never underestimate the problem child when it relates to the Internet, smart electronics or social networks. What is for you the banality may be the greatest tragedy for the child


Lidija Zavoralová, an expert on the topic of children and risks of the Internet world and the world of smart devices and social networks, the mother of three children who has experience proven in practice, the author of a series of books Swich of the empire behind the monitor when in the form of fairy tales passed to children and their parents with information as in this area to move and what to remember. The books also capitalizes on its many years of work experience in the field of IT, which, combined with her role as mothers give books and advice enshrined in them a new dimension, are practical, understandable, and functional enough for children exciting, adventurous and enlightening.

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