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When you are entitled to a discount on the rent?

Rented apartment must be handed over to the tenant in a condition fit for living, or in a condition to which the tenant and the landlord agreed. If not, the tenant may be eligible for a discount on the rent. Entitled to a lessee may arise during the term of the lease.

The landlord is primarily obliged to give the tenant apartment in the state who negotiated the lease. Unless the contract status of the apartment solved, it is according to the law mean the apartment in good condition and in providing essential services. "One must be fitted with lockable doors, flooring, must be insanitary and equipment in the apartment must be functional," says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department dtest.

When the state passed an apartment landlord and tenant agree, the tenant may insist that the landlord gave him to be eligible for housing under the law. This is true even if they agree, but lacking in the contract agreement on the amount and payment of costs for conducting the necessary repairs in the apartment. Unless it is in a satisfactory condition and the tenant moves into the apartment still has the right to a reasonable discount on the rent until the landlord does not correct the defects of the apartment. "In our Consumer Consultative we had a case where a tenant could use one of the rooms in the apartment, the landlord because it left their belongings, though he had to move out. Tenants are advised to request a discount of one third of the rent, "says Green.

The right to a discount on the rent the tenant but not if you knew the condition of the apartment at inception, or did not know him, but the lessor to inspect the apartment in time called. "The tenant should therefore not rely solely on the photos and should be before signing a lease contract personally to visit," says Lukáš Zelený. Discount on the rent, however, the tenant can ask the landlord if you did not ask about repairs in the apartment immediately after the move.

Discount on rent can also request due to damage or defects in the apartment that occur during the term of the lease. "But it must be of a material defect should be provided in the apartment no hot water, not working electricity or there are frequent interruptions of services," says Green, adding: "For tenants received a discount on the rent, can not fault cause itself." The discount on the rent the tenant get well, if the defect has not notified immediately after it discovers or after it determine when proper care was.

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