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Consequences of smoking on our health are enormous, suffering from a lung

Half of smokers die from the consequences of their addiction. Die at a younger age than non-smokers, smoking shortens life by an average of 12 years for men and 11 years for women. Not worth but only for cancer. Smoking damages almost every organ in the body, including the lungs, heart, blood vessels, genitals, mouth, skin, eyes and bones.

Cancer and Smoking

Smoking is worth 30% of all deaths due to cancer. 80% of which consists lung cancer. Besides lung cancer, smoking is also a major risk factor for cancer:
oral cavity, larynx and pharynx.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Smoking damages the airways. This process begins shortly after the first cigarette and lung function with each cigarette worsens. But the problem may occur after several years. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a long-term lung disease that combines in itself chronic bronchitis and emphysema (ie. Emphysema). The risk of developing COPD increases with the number of cigarettes smoked and duration of smoking.
Symptoms include:
coughing up phlegm.
The condition gradually worsens and the patient is breathing increasingly difficult, sometimes describe it as a feeling of "heating". COPD can not be cured today.

Heart and vessels in danger

Smoking is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, which result in high then increases the risk of heart attack or stroke.
Smoking contributes to high blood pressure, reduced physical activity and ability to increase the risk of blood clots. It also reduces levels of "good" HDL cholesterol.
Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is another serious consequence that can result in amputation.

Beware of reproduction!

Smoking endangers reproductive health of both men and women. For the smoker it is difficult to conceive. If you become pregnant have a higher risk:
ectopic pregnancy,
premature rupture of membranes,
premature birth,
birth of a child with a cleft.
birth of a baby with low birth weight.

For smokers are also at higher risk of early menopause and a higher incidence of unpleasant symptoms during treatment.

Men smokers are particularly vulnerable to damage arteries and blood flow - a key factor erection. Have a higher risk of erectile dysfunction, which increases in direct proportion to the duration of smoking. Smoking also affects the sperm negatively affects fertility and increase the risk of miscarriage.

Other consequences of smoking ...

Not all health problems from smoking-related death. Tobacco destroys health on many levels and has negative effects on nearly all organs. Check out a few examples of what is associated with smoking:
increased risk of gum disease and tooth loss.
prolonged wound healing,
decreased immune function,
premature skin aging,
bad breath and stained teeth.
increased risk of developing diabetes, cataracts or rheumatoid arthritis,
decreased bone density,
loss of vision because of macular degeneration of the retina (called disability. macula) related to age,
gastric ulcers.

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