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Cirk-UFF - festival of new circus takes over Trutnov

International festival of new circus Cirk-UFF, which annually attracts thousands of visitors to the foothills of the Giant returns for the seventh time. Art Czech and foreign ensembles this year brighten Trutnov from Wednesday May 31 to Sunday, June 4.

Circus show with Czech and foreign visitors will be presented in both Uffo multifunctional theater, and traditionally the marquee and of course in the streets of the city. Cirk-UFF festival program today introduced Libor Kasík, director Cirk-UFF press conference in Prague.

Traditional holiday for lovers of adrenaline euphoric fun and experimental art performances will offer a total of twenty-eight fifteen files. The biggest event will be a new performance Backbone internationally respected Australian group Gravity & Other Myths. Breathtaking performance premiered in March in Adelaide, Australia. "Cirk-UFF will next German Recklingausenu, one of two options to see this performance in Europe," said festival director Cirk-UFF Libor Kasík.

And Australia was the main inspiration this year organizers. "With the ensemble Gravity & Other Myths We have already established a partnership last year, when the Uffu just tried my news Backbone. Nowadays, of course, looking forward to putting on Backbone Circ-UFFu, but we are also preparing further cooperation. First, because they are great artists and people, and also for this reason that Australia is an inspiration not only in the circus, but also in terms of approach to life in general. I would be very happy if we could connect fiber optimism between this great country and Uffe, "said Libor Kasík.

festival premiere

Attraction of the festival will also show Deluge French group Compagnie SansGravité, which is a mixture of new circus and magic. Circ-Uff but also presents Czech novocirkusovou scene Czech Showcase. Besides the familiar file as Cirk La Putyka, who will present being prepared performances Batacchio (in which the new circus mingle with dance, physical theater and illusionism) and Losers Cirque Company, who played even two different productions going Cirk-UFF several premieres. Trutnovskému audience not only well-known Brothers T-shirt in preparing for the Trutnov festival premiere performance cross-country odyssey.

"Cirk-UFF visiting with one exception, every year since its inception. The cross-country odyssey is the third prime minister, we have prepared for this festival. I think it clearly shows how happy we Cirk-UFF. I dare say that we Trutnov audience knows and we do it well. Always they respond well are immediate, helpful and relaxed. Ideal premiere audience, "he said at a press conference Jarchovský from Adam Brothers in T-shirts.

He sees the light of day on the Circ-UFFu and Heroines, a new show Circus aunts. That file prepared under the direction and guidance of dramaturgical novopečeného holder Thalia Radima Vizváry. Another novelty this year will be the introduction duct under the baton Cink Cink Circus. "This young and promising ensemble show ucts as a work in progress. And I must say that I'm looking forward to. Cinkáči studying at various schools abroad, so I'm the one hand, wondering how to take advantage of time together, and even how to develop as individuals, "said Libor Kasík adding that, at this year Circ-UFFu fun for children. "As every year come from our friends Brno Circus LeGrando, which means that the children will be able to try out various circus disciplines. And of course they like it and lots of performances, I would have invited the French performance Deluge, "he added Kasík.

On the program will also appear clownish trio Squadra Sua or contact juggling from Ati Sphere.
The complete festival program, which provides a graphical presentation for the fourth time painter and comic artist Jiří Grus, can be found on the festival website .

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