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Beware of the difference between extended warranty and insurance products

Recently at retailers famine trend to offer consumers a variety of insurance and extended warranty for goods. Both terms are often used interchangeably and are used together, which can be confusing to the customer. What is the difference between them and what is good to know before you pay more for these services?

Guarantee for goods differs from insurance primarily of who provides it. "For it always guarantees the seller that guarantees that the goods shall keep for a certain period of their properties," says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department dtest. In some cases, give traders an extended warranty for goods automatically, usually when her directly attract customers. At other times, for an extra service, the purchaser must pay extra. "Extended warranty then changes into a separate product that can benefit only those customers who přikoupí him to the goods. But always true that the extension of legal options for consumers to apply for a merchant complaint, "says Green.

Within the extended warranty trader can identify almost any conditions. Therefore, it is good to know the extent of her before paying. Not always had an extended warranty worth it. Trader it can provide only a certain part of the goods or a particular type of defect. "At the same time usually alone determines what the demands of the consumer safeguards include: if, for example, will be able to request a refund or a free repair," highlights Green and Luke adds: "The trader but never shortened statutory rights of consumers."

Insurance contrast provided by others than themselves sellers. As a rule, concludes insurance to cover events that can not be solved within the framework of the complaint. If a consumer breaks the cell phone or had it stolen, it is useless to a claim. If an insurance contract may contact the insurance company and ask for the payment of insurance benefits.

When the insurance contract concluded by the customer, it is hard to mistake the warranty. Often, however, they offer themselves negotiating a contract dealers, who then instead of buyers emerge in relation with the insurance company as a contractor. And solve for them and the insured event. Buyer advertised product in the online store is inserted into the basket or to let a shop assistant at the cash convince his advantage. Most people in such cases pay the appropriate price, but have no idea what you bought. Consumers should therefore not be fooled just a name, but should examine the conditions of use of the product.

"The confusion extended warranties and insurance also contributes to the fact that the insurance company has insured event does not address the payment of a sum of money, but offer a repair or replacement goods for a new piece. Yet still a indemnity, and not a way of settling the claim, "says Lukáš Zelený. Sometimes even the same range of insurance such as legal or extended warranty contract. In these situations, customers have to be very careful that the seller when the claim would not evade its responsibility for defects reporting claims. If they had the product will be repaired within the insured loss events, prepare their rights under the guarantee.

Before concluding the insurance contract is worth paying attention to the definition of insured event not to be missed and neither the provisions relating to exclusions from insurance. These are often so large that at first glance tempting offer begins on closer examination appear as blank product. And thus the unnecessary waste of money.

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