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Czechs prefer saving on housing than on income

The reconstruction of a house or apartment with a plan to tackle the onset of spring, thousands of Czechs. In the coming years, they are planning the reconstruction of two million Czech households. Building societies so only between February and March this year saw an increase in loans for the reconstruction of 30 percent.

Czechs consider on long term savings for building societies interesting product. According to a recent survey it has him thinking about it or just under 60 percent of the population. Conversely, interest in life insurance declined.

After the winter, when the building tradition in decline, is increasing rapidly in the spring of new buildings and renovations. It also increases the demand for better housing financing methods. "In the long term we see an increase in demand for loans for reconstruction during the spring months. For example, the increase between February and March this year was around 30%, "said the spokeswoman Lenka Raiffeisen Molnárová. Role in addition to a more stable situation on the labor market and rising wages range Czechs play and obsolete housing stock. The greatest interest among people about loans for reconstruction, modernization and repairs to seven hundred thousand. "In order to obtain such a loan does not have to give anything in our pledge," explained the main reason Lenka Molnárová.

Growing interest in saving for housing and investment in it is confirmed by a recent survey agency IBRS. The survey showed that 59 percent of respondents consider building savings for the best savings product in the Czech market. People prefer to store money for better housing than for retirement. About four percent went down also interested in life insurance.

People are investing more into gardens and terraces

Interested in beautifying houses and apartments recorded in the first three months of this year, and construction companies and manufacturers of various building components. According to statistics, most societies, people renovating bathrooms and kitchens. But also growing interest in better security arrangements and children's rooms. "Fix star in major renovations are usually investments in better windows and doors. In recent years, people are also paying more attention terraces, gardens, and entering the house. For example, increases the demand for high-quality and good-looking garage door or good outdoor screening in the form of blinds, "enumerated Lubomír Valenta (Lomax).

Surveys also show that Czechs are put into the hands of experts and more demanding reconstruction. For small changes in your home but you dare yourself. Inspiration except magazines and on television draws mostly in their surroundings. In addition to well-known they are increasingly influencing social networks.

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