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Our child wets. How to react and how not vice versa?

Enuresis after 4 years of age, especially at night, is technically called enuresis. This problem afflicts many children and their parents. Some may not know how "wet nights" deal with the descendants. Advise!

The child should be supported

Make sure the child that počůrávání is normal and not ashamed for them. Assistance can also share their own experiences with enuresis.
Try to explain to a child enuresis issues in order to understand her.
Calm child that this inconvenience probably soon "grow".
Adjust the drinking habits of the child. It is suitable to administer the fluid mainly during the day and limit their intake in the evening.
Remind your child to use the toilet before bedtime.
Your baby is due počůrávání stress and may have lower self-esteem. Try not therefore support as you can.
The room let light bedside lamp. The child was not afraid at night go to the toilet.
Avoid wasting time and money washing linen, wear protective pads or plastic covers on the mattress and waterproof sheets.

Things to Avoid

Never punish a child! Criticizing or ridiculing for urination can cause the development of anxiety and the problem worse.
Do not scoff or from other members of the family and the neighborhood.
Do not force children, especially small ones, to cleaning up after themselves. It can act on them as punishment for something you involuntarily do not control.
Older children who've already been able to explain the situation, on the contrary, for example, can help with the exchange and washing linen.
Do not put your child drinks containing caffeine. They are diuretic and increases the risk of accidents.

When the head doctor

Medical advice, you should look when:
the child wets and school age,
the child begins pomočovat again after a long time
when these problems should not,
enuresis reduces the quality of life of the child and the whole family
you suspect that a child's condition worsens.

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