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Bikers must be the most endangered species on the roads?

In 2016, motorcyclists were killed historically at least, more than half of them from foreign guilt. What should bikers do to stay safe?

Risks associated with the beginning of riding season

Last year, 60 died in accidents motorcyclists. That is the least of the independent Czech Republic. In addition, compared to 2015 there was a rapid decline victims from their ranks, and the straight third. 463 were seriously injured riders on one track - and this is the best result since 1993.

Traditionally are the main culprits behind fatal accidents considered motorcyclists. Mistakenly. This is confirmed by statistics for the year 2016, when 29 died of self-inflicted riders on one track, while 31 of them were killed foreign fault. Regardless of the fault, it is the biker who eventually pay with his life. "The statistical data published by the OECD shows that the probability of dying in an accident is higher for motorcyclists than 24x passenger in a car," says Roman Budský Team of road safety.

If it is to blame biker, overwhelmingly it is unreasonable speed. The last year killed 22x. With a large distance by driving the wrong way (4 dead) and improper overtaking (3 victims among motorcyclists).

Bikers motorists often hurt because there is not, or poorly estimate the speed or spacing. These are mainly
giving priority to the intersection where the motorcycle coming down the main,
giving priority to the intersection when the car left the branching not prefer protijedoucímu bikers
oversight oncoming motorcycle while bypassing or overtaking,
oversight approaching from behind during rotation of motorcyclists,
non-registration of an oncoming motorcycle while overtaking or driving round.

Motorcyclists are actually endangering traffic. Actually, they are the most vulnerable group of road users. "Compared with passengers in buses is the probability of death from accident 272x higher. Compared to passengers in cars more motorcyclists dying 24 times, 2.4 times more compared to cyclists and doubled in comparison with pedestrians, "says Roman Budský.

Motorcyclists so worth counting errors of others

Defensive driving style for them should be the alpha and omega. In its own interest should be followed very closely by other road users and count them any errors or risky maneuver.
Driving speed should be selected so as to be able in case of danger sufficient to slow or even stop. Motorcycle braking distance is longer than that of a passenger car.
On the road they have to go so that they are sufficiently visible to others. Definitely should be aware that in certain situations they could be car drivers in the rearview mirror easily overlooked.
They should choose colorful coloring clothes and helmets, in poor visibility helps them to be visible and reflective vest, or at least appropriately positioned and sufficiently dimensional reflective supplement.
On the bike it is necessary to sit down in a quality motorcycle clothing, splash out on acquiring a quality gloves and boots. And also in quality and properly fitted helmet. Yet last year, died three riders on one track riding without a helmet, and another 17 were seriously injured and 72 slightly.

In any case, you should remember the bikers on their possible mistakes. Especially now, at the beginning of the season. "Motorcyclists must be after several months of winter break riding very careful. After all, it takes a while before they get to the appropriate riding condition. More than once rides on cold roads, sometimes dripping with melting snow and somewhere in the deep shade may be too icy roads. Every year, drivers of cars it takes a while to get used to after a winter presence of motorcycles and begin the real sense. On the performance of drivers can also sign spring fever, "says Vladimír Mašek, chief instructor of the project Let us learn to survive.

Source: tz team bezpeč road , editorially modified

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