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Heating season is almost over. Time to check the boiler, heat pump and chimney

Towards the end of the heating season comes the best time for minor maintenance and possible heating boiler serviced. In the spring much easier because you can buy as a service technician and must chimney sweep. In cooperation with experts, we have prepared some tips that after the heating season to do to help the heating system in the house worked well and next winter.

Gas boiler: Do not check the autumn

Although this legislation does not prescribe directly to households, it is advisable to let the gas boiler to review every year. The optimal time for servicing is precisely spring or summer. "Autumn is a serviced gas appliances are most interested. It may therefore be difficult at this time to find the technique or the company with spare capacity, "says Roman Švantner (ENBRA). Expert inspects the boiler, check the correct operation and replace defective parts. The audit also issue a written confirmation. This can be important if you have a boiler during the warranty period and the failure occurs, many manufacturers are making the annual especially the extended warranty service.

Solid fuel boiler: Important is a good cleanup

If you are using a solid fuel boiler, after the heating season, do not forget to clean the heat exchanger, where during the operation dirt settle. It's not difficult, and for most of this operation just spatula or brush. Check also the condition of refractory lining and any cracks repaired. Look also at the state grids, valves and seals in the door. Professional inspection of solid fuel boilers is then mandatory for households every two years.

Heat pump: Beware of mandatory inspections for leaks

Spring and summer is the best for any leakage checking the coolant circuit. That is, in some types of heat pumps required annually. "Regular checks the tightness of the cooling circuit requires some heat pumps. These are such devices that contain large amounts of refrigerant. Specifically, the equivalent of 10 tons of CO2 for equipment with hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit. This is usually a monoblock units. Or perhaps the equivalent of 5 tons of CO2 divided by units where the indoor and outdoor units results in refrigerant pipes. Information on the amount of refrigerant can be found on the label device or devices in the records. The possible need for inspections is a good idea to check with the manufacturer or supplier, "says Ivo Zabloudil from the company ENBRA.

Order a chimney sweep

If you drown solid fuels, you should at least twice a year to clean the chimney. It can even yourself, once a year, but you have to invite chimney sweep. When checking the status of an expert inspect the chimney and flue connection, and possibly corrects minor defects. Chimney sweep is not expensive, the price for checking the chimney is usually around 300 to 500 CZK. However, if a chimney sweep shows some serious damage to the flue gas paths, the customer can call for their removal and even the operation of boilers or stoves temporarily disabled. After rectification of defects will be necessary revision of the chimney.

Radiators usually just minor maintenance

After the end of the heating season well see also radiators. Make sure that you are not rusty and leaking them water. Critical locations are found mostly on the connection pipes of a radiator, problems can arise also with old valves. If a problem is detected, request a repair of radiators for heating engineers. Conversely, bleeding radiators can make up before the start of the new heating season. Also check the thermostat - a few times and turn the heating during the summer shutdown is then leave completely open.

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