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Dripping into his eyes? Ten tips on how to perform best

Applications drops for most patients with glaucoma daily routine. Not all habits are but beneficial. We advise that you drip into your eyes and make that principle must remember.

Observe hygiene. Before each droplet Wash your hands thoroughly. Be careful that the tip of the dropper to touch before applying eye lashes, finger or other object. Store the dropper cap always clean place, for example on a napkin. Do not leave the bottle with drops in the pocket, car or in direct sunlight - the contents could spoil the heat.
Apply the correct position. The most suitable location for dropping in your eyes, head bent backward while sitting or standing patient. If you have problems with your neck you can lie on your back. An alternative is the administration of drops of standing before the mirror, allowing control techniques. Forefinger non-dominant hand gently pull the lower eyelid to create a drop to "pocket". Look up at the ceiling and then Apply a dominant hand. Try not to blink and let the eye closed after two minutes. The possible use drops leaking wipe clean towel or tissue.
Avoid spillage. Many patients have concerns about the lack of application. Because they feel that they drip when part of the benefit will flow to the face. With that, however, manufacturers are counted. The volume of each drop is therefore greater than the amount that can absorb the eye. However, to prevent unnecessary leakage of fluid from the eye may be the fact that when left for two minutes or closed gently finger (forefinger recommended) is pressed around the inner corner of eye.
Time your treatments well. It is generally recommended interval between administration of different types of drops five minutes (when in a hurry, then at least three minutes). If you use different kinds of drops at the same time, the order does not matter. Eye ointment, however, always applied until finally, after instillation of drugs.
Do not forget. When you develop the habit of drip before or after a routine daily activities (eg before or after brushing your teeth), reducing the risk of omitting application of drops. Setting an alarm on your mobile which will remind therapy may be another way.
Refine administration. When you leave the bottle in the fridge, you drop due to cold feel better if you hit properly or not.
Consult. As increasing number of generic (i.e. similar) drops in the market, it is difficult to get used to different packaging or application newly prescribed drug. Feel free to contact the pharmacist. Advice on how to instill, or submit accurate information about a specific drug.
Let check. Show your doctor or your family members drip technique. They will help you detect any errors or may assist in trouble.
Train. Learn the correct administration of drops takes time and testing. Ideal for training in the use of artificial tears.
Making sure your eyes. Drops can sometimes cause redness or irritation. This inconvenience can be avoided by the application of artificial tears before the administration of medicinal drops. It should be observed for about five minutes distance. Instead of artificial tears you can also use a variety of soothing eye ointments or gels.

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