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Vaccination against cancer? Unbelievable has become common practice

If it were possible to administer the vaccine against all types of cancer ... But it is great to be working at least vaccination against cancer caused by human papillomavirus HPV. Have you heard of him?

Human papillomaviruses HPV viruses which is promořená large population. From the speeches that we wore ourselves to find, for example, they cause warts or genital warts. Most people infected by human papillomavirus HPV but never have any symptoms. The problem then arises when without our knowledge runs a chronic infection that irritates the mucous membranes or skin cells so that they degenerate and become the foundation of cancer. These tumors occur most frequently:
women on the external genitals, in the vagina and the cervix.
men on the penis,
in both sexes in the airways and around the anus.

Why vaccinate?

Papillomavirus HPV is easily spread, especially when we do not know about them, which is mainly in genital infection. There are, however, even people who consciously with warts on their feet attending swimming pools, fitness centers and other places where people go barefoot. Those least responsible agrees with unprotected sexual intercourse, although they know they have genital warts or around the anus.

Due to the transfer Papillomavirus HPV through sexual contact with vaccinated children of both sexes aged "before entering the adult world", ie from 9 years and above. The primary vaccination schedule for persons aged 9-14 years includes two doses of vaccine in persons ≥ 15 years of age after three doses. The need for a booster dose has not yet been clearly defined, but it is believed that protection should last at least 10 years.

The vaccine helps adults

For the vaccine but do not just benefit children. The vaccine demonstrated a good service as well as adults.
Vaccination of young women reduces the incidence of adverse changes in the lining of the cervix.
For men who have sex with reduced risk of cancer changes around the anus.
For both sexes, the vaccine is suitable for the prevention of genital warts. It also helps impede the body's defenses diseases - such a serious disease as HIV / AIDS.

Source: Vaccination kalendář.cz

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