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Animal named Autumn issued a second single Sunday

Autumn orchestra, musical group The animal named Autumn, sends into the world of another emissary. The second single, upcoming album is called through Sunday and offers slightly melancholic start and strong finish hopeful.

The animal named Autumn is variable, currently eighteen musical ensemble composed of the major names of the domestic scene. Meanwhile swallowed her whole Aid Kid, Kittchena duo and 27, half of Kieslowski, Calm Season and Post-Půljablkoně music. A third giant peach or Manu. One of the studio sound engineer 3bees. Graphic, animator and theater director. And it does not seem that the consumption end.


On Sunday the track prepared initiators of the project and author of the music and lyrics Jakub König and video. "We planned a magnificent, monumental image. But we both had burned airship hangar, and so we end a few days ago with a cold our animator Linda went to work on this simple lyric video, "says James with a weary smile, adding," The choice for the second single was quite clear. Sunday, although at first glance as a terribly sad song, but we agreed that the end is hidden too many chances. And the band as primarily autumn we can concentrate on melancholy minded individuals, is to convene in one place and there hymnal together to sing sad songs with big choruses of hope. Which completely meets Sunday. "

Eponymous album Beast named Autumn comes out in November 2017 by Indies Scope. Before you see the band live on předpremiérových 1. 7. A concert at the festival Hradecký solstice and 28. 8. within Marienbad Film Festival.

On the question of whether the animals expecting high radio rotation corresponds König: "They warned us that Sunday in the ether hear about because it's a sad song, sometimes depressed. But I think that people could more easily cry. We all have become accustomed to wearing masks rough to us before chráněj uncompromising world market. But when one of Zabul the radio when preparing breakfast or in the car on the way to work, help him to release all the suppressed emotions. This may be a positive sign for job performance and, if you're going for it.
You want to be better at work? Weep at least three times a day! "

Animal behalf of the Fall:
Jakub König, Marie Kieslowski, Marie Puttnerová, Aid Kid, Terezie Kovalová, Linda Arbanová, Tomáš Neuwerth, Tomáš Havlen, Ondřej Mataj, Vera Linhartová, Tereza Štětinová, Tomáš Obermajer, Ondřej Zátka, Andrea Jarolímková, Matěj Vejdělek, Adam Pakosta, Michaela Verbová , Markéta Monsportová.

The great merit of the album have a Club-Mate and 3bees.
The album will be supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture and the project partner OSA.

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