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Why do you single mothers often fail to find a new partner?

At first glance it looks simple - if a single mother without a partner, it is logical that it should have found. And if it wants to or not, mainstream society it is often considered too demanding or too little willing to keep the new relationship. However, the fact is much easier.

The vast majority of female headed households is actively seeking a new partner, not for financial security, but for psychological support. But the men who in middle age were willing to get rid of your comfort and help his mother with foreign children is simply a little ...

Association of single parent families on the basis of the current discussion on the topic conducted a quick probe breadwinners among the 231 mothers who are currently without partners. The results are not surprising. Most mothers (21%) mentioned that a partner is actively seeking. It seems to them that the men who would be willing to accept a woman often indebted to pošramoceným confidence and foreign children, and pay for the fact that their biological father does not apply to them, simply do not exist. The second largest group of mothers (16%) had a few bad experiences gave up the search and came to the conclusion that they are alone, despite all the problems best. 15% of mothers complain of little time - they have no partner to find. And in the event that he wanted to meet a need in society, not simply for the money (13%).

11% of mothers then feel that the frequent changing of partners in the search for the right deprives children of their own who are unlearned to fix any male counterpart. The same amount of mother refuses to be with someone just to secure and complains about the limited selection - even the difficult situation not considered to be a reason why they should compromise on the important character traits that request. 5% of mothers admitted that they have a right bad experience with men who use their difficult situation, then 4% are unclear relationship with a previous partner, the same number then regarded as an obstacle to its long-term psychological condition.

"It clearly shows that finding a new partner is not about greed or unwanted single mothers. It should be noted that due to the spiral of declining living standards is the mother often excluded from normal social life. Problematic for it may be the simple fact of establishing a deeper friendship. Underpinning thus become especially online dating, but here are finding a partner rather like roulette and human quality are searching for men is very questionable, "mentions Denisa Vopinková, senior adviser Your Nutritional Program, operated by the Association of single parent families. "The best way to help in this case, the mother is to be supportive and encourage her to obtain normal social relationships. By spiral of declining living standards interrupted, increases the chance not only to establish, but also maintain the relationship. "

Survey: Finding a partner breadwinners
21% A man who wants a woman indebted to foreign children, probably does not exist, seeking, but I can not find it
16% Bad experience taught me that it is often better to be alone than to knead for new challenges
15% A little time to find a new partner
13% Lack of money to lead a social life
11% I can not rotate partners and look for the right - kids carry it wrong
11% limited selection - not just good to be with someone just for ensuring
5% had bad experiences with men who focus just on women in distress
4% Unclear relations with previous partner
4% Psychological problems, depression

What is the spiral of declining living standards

This is a phenomenon that is common among single parents. Due to family care reduces their flexibility and time options in the job. Because it often must be replaced by less lucrative. This, however, begin to earn less money and have put on weight Brigade, which causes them to have no time to establish and maintain social contacts. The situation can lead to the exclusion of single parents from social life and the associated concomitants.

Source: tz, Parliamentary sheets

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