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Technical companies have great interest to foreigners

Interest in the employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic is growing. According to the latest survey of recruitment agencies Talentica foreigners employs up to 98% of engineering companies. The vast majority of domestic employers prefer workers from the EU or the European Economic Area, except neither employees from Ukraine, Russia and Vietnam. Higher employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic also confirmed the company focused on consulting for foreigners.

Employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic is becoming increasingly popular. According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, there were registered domestic labor offices in 2015, more than 323,000 foreigners and more than 83,000 foreigners with valid trade license. The number of foreigners working in the country while still increasing. This is confirmed by a survey conducted by recruitment agency. According to him, foreigners currently employs 98% of companies.

"Among the main reasons why employers are not interested to employ foreigners, including in particular the language barrier and the need for knowledge fluent Czech. Other reasons then the lengthy process of dealing with work permits or the fact that so far cover vacancies Czech citizens, "commented the survey results personalistka Gabriela Kodenková.

The survey also showed that the vast majority of domestic employers (95%) prefer workers from the European Union or European Economic Area. "From then other countries prefer to Ukraine, Russia, or Vietnam," explained Gabriela Kodenková. "The survey has shown that the greatest chance of aliens occupy positions of programmers, designers and planners," said human resources manager.

The growing interest of foreigners working in the country also confirm organization focusing on social work and counseling for foreigners. "Compared to 2015, we register an increased demand for our services in the tens of consultations per month. Specifically in the area of employment records more inquiries from foreigners outside the European Union. Likewise, the growing interest on the part of employers who are increasingly interested in employing foreigners, reflecting the state of the economy and labor shortages, "said Michaela Límová, of the Center for Integration of Foreigners (CIC). According to him, in the Czech Republic but employers often violate labor law and not comply with the Labor Code.

In 2016, CIC has experienced an increased number of immigrants arriving with complaints about labor law compliance by employers. Compared to 2015, it increased by 20%. "It shows that some employers are using foreigners, depending on the employer, knowledge of the language and local conditions. Foreigners then does not pay wages, do not allow them to take leave or illegally terminating employment, "explained some of the errors Lima.

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