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How to prepare your pet sheet for Spring

Whether we like it or not, winter operation the vehicle is always apparent. Especially if it is rigid as it was just this year. With the coming of spring comes the perfect time to check and prepare the car for the new season. By car indulge in a bit of attention and care, you can save unexpected expenses in the future.

Some tasks is indeed necessary to entrust the professionals, but the vast majority of the necessary things you can do to yourself. Not to worry, just do it!

1.Prohlídka vehicle after winter service

To obtain assurance that your car after winter season in order, it is definitely necessary to visit a service station. Inspections after the winter is not expensive and can save you "big" money for early detection and prevention of imminent failure or wear. Your car after a hard winter deserves. Service quality can vary greatly. To be sure that your sweetie gets a sheet metal specialist care, use a network of independent repairers who have the guarantee of quality. Check that you have such services closest to home, and you can boldly go.

2.Take your car needs a spring cleaning

Proper washing your car after winter is one of the most important things you can ever do. This is so regardless of whether you are in the winter, wash your car regularly. Best thing, if you buy a basic package of quality car care products. I would not miss between car shampoo to remove initial dirt, paint cleaner and wax.

Do not forget to care for lights - and their treatments can take a wide range of products, which in addition are able to remove scratches and other wonders. But always use good quality sponge and a microfibre cloth that will not scratch surfaces.

Also pay attention to the wheel discs, which should be properly cleaned. Suffice should the standard disk cleaner, but it sure will help a special brush which easily remove dirt from narrow spaces between the spokes of the disc.

You must not forget chassis where during winter operation settles the greatest amount of dirt and salt which does not play well twice. Visit carwash in this case is necessary.

The interior also deserves attention. You should get a resuscitation of plastics which the interior of your car after winter beautifully lit up. If you have seats upholstered in leather, use a product designed specifically for its treatment. This not only prolongs the life, but also significantly refresh its appearance.

3.Clean conditioning

Ideally, the air should be cleaned every six months. So now it connect with spring cleaning and have done with it. Evaporator is due to condensation water doing a large amount of harmful microorganisms that we inhale. To clean, purchase a set for cleaning and disinfection of air through ventilation. Zneškodníte all bacteria, and most importantly protect your health. However, we recommend also exchange booth (pollen) and the filter capacitor and cleaning detergent directly relevant to clean condenser.

4.Put goodbye to the old wipers

Temperature changes and occasional use of the windshield wipers could cause přimrzlých that after winter the effect of wiper blades deteriorated. Exchange would in this case must not be delayed. The first heavy rain will then snaps and you'll see it safely. Changing wiper blades is also simple and can be done by almost everyone.

5.Znáte expiration date of its medicine cabinet?

Even so, its content, does not have an infinite shelf life, so definitely be sure to check the expiration date. As well as to whether the contents are still conforms to current regulations.

So you see, it's not so difficult, is it? And do not worry that because of the acquisition of all that is essential for spring maintenance cars have to spend the day hunting for the shops. There are stores where they have everything nicely in one place, and you have good information about what will be best for your toy car. Not only that, your car will shine purity miles away. At the same time extend its life, which, of course, save money. And there are so many things for them you can buy in the spring!

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