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Foreign language teaching in kindergarten

Nearly two-thirds of parents in the Czech Republic, according to the research agency Data Collect wish to have their child began to learn a foreign language already before entering elementary school. The biggest concern is while the traditionally English. To teach effectively, it should ideally be experts provide native speaker and should take the form of games, indirect learning and the development of imagination.

The greatest interest is in English, other languages ​​are represented by at least

For 63% of Czech parents, foreign language teaching their child in kindergarten is necessary. 47% of them considered the ideal age at which to start foreign language, 3-6 years. 75% of parents also believe that the acquisition of foreign language skills to the primary school is not enough. The greatest interest is 97% of the English, then the German, Russian, French and Spanish, which are in demand but rather up to the first grade of primary school.

A number of kindergartens to demand from parents and responds now standard program offers instruction in English, in some cases on a daily basis. "In school, we try to include regular daily blocks of English with a native speaker. Thus, we can ensure that children perceive foreign language as a means of communication, they are able to really feel the change and distinguish communicate in English and communication in the mother tongue, "said Jitka Fořtíková, methodologist and mentor for teaching foreign languages in school my concept project.

Preschoolers do not translate language names, words perceived "side by side"

Children under 6 years of age, the experts usually do not translate languages. Instead, they perceive Czech and English words "side by side" as two names for the same thing. It is therefore not appropriate to children of this age learn by translation or switch between languages. "It is advisable to expose preschoolers language, thus deliberately in the presence of a native speaker to communicate naturally with children, bring games, songs, rituals, gestures to enrich communication and movement that came instinctively understand," said Jitka Fořtíková. Thanks to thrive language children naturally exhibit, and some even actively communicate before entering the first grade.

For foreign language learning in kindergarten it is also important that the children gained him a positive attitude and to treat him without prejudice. "Rather than teaching in terms of familiarization with the language, and also due to the normal teaching time, twice a week for 30 minutes. Active children are able to learn in two years about 150-200 words, "said Martin Hejhal, director of a language school Spěváček.

The main obstacles: the length of education and communication barrier

Many providers of education in a foreign language, however, is currently still face a number of obstacles that hinder learning to lead effectively. According to Martina Hejhala it is difficult to send in some nurseries native speaker of English, because not communicate with him teachers. Effective teaching does not record or previous learning time, which is common in nurseries minimal. "Ideally, this should be about 45 to 60 minutes of instruction every day or at least three times a week. Then it would be more effective teaching and children could end attendance to speak in simple sentences at A2 level, "explained Hejhal.

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