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Pneumonia threatens all children, but some more

Pneumonia is a serious infectious disease that can sicken both children and adults. For some children, however, the higher the risk. Not one of them and your offspring?

Facts about pneumonia

Infectious pneumonia, or inflammation thus also pneumonia, manifested by cough, fever and difficulty breathing. It can be caused by viruses or bacteria. Viral pneumonia in children occurs more. The most common cause of bacterial inflammation is pneumococcus, i.e. Streptococcus pneumoniae. Antibiotics occupy only to the inflammation caused by bacteria, in the case of a virus not effective. Despite this, most children recover completely.

Can your child get sick?

Ill with pneumonia may each child. However, a higher risk of having children:
very small,
exposed to cigarette smoke,
timely unvaccinated
suffering from chronic lung disease such as asthma, bronchiectasis
(permanent extension bronchial disease) or cystic fibrosis or other chronic diseases.
taking a long-term medication to suppress undesired immune system responses, e.g., corticosteroids,
having difficulty in feeding when necessary inhale small portion of food (called. aspiration). These children during meals or cough may choke.

To protect use all options

Breastfeeding, proper diet and a healthy weight to help the baby resist inflammation of the lungs. Remember also to maintain a smoke free environment wherever the child is. Effective protection against pneumococcal vaccination, however. The vaccine is recommended to vaccinate infants and children from 6 weeks to 17 years of age. In addition to pulmonary inflammation helps to protect against such diseases such as meningitis (inflammation of the brain), sepsis or bacteraemia (bacteria by the blood stream) and ear infections.


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