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Cirk La Putyka and the special Love of one blonde on the Colors of Ostrava

The latest performance of Batacchio novecrkus ensemble Cirk La Putyka and a special version of The Love of a Blonde - The Voyage of One Love of Brno Hus on a String directed by Vladimír Moravec, adapted for Gong - are the main attractions of this year's theater program at the Colors of Ostrava festival. Until 22 July in industrial Dolní Vítkovice.

Besides these two performances, which will make use of the majestic Gong Auditorium, visitors will see the legends of Czech improvisation, the VOSTO5 theater, the Demotic Theater of the Ústí with Jiří Maryška, the impromptu improvisational ensemble Impéčko and many other smaller performances for children and their parents.

"Because Bondage celebrates its 50th in the next and the next season - while we have decided to celebrate them with a series of fifty unprecedented events - we made this Ostrava's hosted one of the celebration points and ordered the truck and the move of the stage cars for that, Martin Ondrush For a while. Third of the four prologues of the festival that this would happen with permission - this our stay in Ostrava - Miloš Forman and the sixties and the Promise in honor, " explains the director of Divadlo Husa na provázku Vladimír Morávek. The live performance of DiaBeatles is dedicated to Mr. Milos Forman. The story of Lássek's one blonde is not just an anecdote about a girl who believed more than she thought, but mainly, and above all, a parable, a genius metaphor about the scary and glittering and funny phenomenon of the 1960s. Viewers become the direct actors of the event, the participants of the ball that everyone enjoyed - and then regretted that they were hanging there. They are laughing, laughing with weathered beer - and then - in the end - biting into their lips of embarrassment ...

The production of the Cirk La Putyka Batacchio , which combines the new circus, dance and illusion, is inspired by the poetics of old nomadic theater companies that freely combine all sorts of human skills and creations. From circus figures and theater and music scenes through the miracles of the then new technologies to demonstrations of anatomical anomalies of animals and humans. "Batacchio will enchant you with the atmosphere of an old show full of magical tricks, breathtaking acrobatics and humor. On the scene, seven acrobats and actors will appear in an unusual combination of new circus disciplines and those you will not see on stage any more, " says Rosťa Novák, the principal of the ensemble. The author and project director is Maksim Komaro, a Finnish director who has collaborated with Cirk La Putyk on Slapstick Sonata and Play productions. The premiere will take place on May 12th.

The VOSTO5 stand-by cabaret show, boys Ondar, Petar, Tomina, Jura and Kurt will show their maximum improvisation standard! Nothing more, nothing less! Completely open theatrical-musical improvisation evening. The stand-alone cabaret has its own premiere and dernier every time and is accompanied by its own band SNAHA. The improvised performance of Demago is based on the performance of performer, Jiří Maryška, instrumentalist and lightmaster. The genres are mixed, the atmosphere is thick. It's like a calligrapher waving a brush dipped in a jacket ... The Impéčko Ostrava ensemble in The Film improvises on canvas, with music and acting outputs. No one is ready, the scenario arises on the spot.

Colors of Ostrava 2017 will play as Imagine Dragons, Jamiroquai, Norah Jones, Justice, alt-J, Birdy, Midnight Oil, Moderat, Benjamin Clementine, Michael Kiwanuka, Laura Mvula, UNKLE, Afro Celt Sound System or Nouvelle Vague .

Source: tz, edited editorially

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