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The countryside is most interested in fresh food

The most common item in the purchases of people living in the country is long-term fresh daily consumption products. Fresh food is most often purchased by retail customers as well. Compared to previous years, however, people are more interested in what they are buying. This has also resulted in a change in the range of stores that adapts the range to these needs.

Freshness and quality are crucial parameters when buying people in the countryside and in retail stores. Today's customer is much more interested than ever before in the fact that sausages are actually made of meat, fruit syrup, coffee bean coffee, cheese was made of milk, and milk came from cows . This change in behavior is also tailored to the range of deals. "Today we can find high-quality sausages made from meat, daily fresh pastries, a wide range of fruits and vegetables, shelves with healthy nutrition, and the like. Everything is possible from local Czech suppliers, not imported over half the globe, " said Roman Mazák (Cooperatives CBA CZ). According to him, demand for low-quality products still exists and some wholesalers support it, but this is not a sustainable route.

Private products take price, but quality is also important

Also, the segment of private products that come directly from the vendor's production has been transformed in this direction. While these products are still priced today, they have great emphasis on quality compared to previous years. "Hypermarkets have once begun the era of private products that are cheap but have not come close to the quality of the same branded product. For us today, the price, but the quality, is not the first choice for the product. We prefer to go slightly higher, but knowing that we are doing our best for the customer. We also prefer Czech manufacturers when deciding, " Roman Mazák explained, with customers preferring rather small purchases at the place of residence, which are faster and usually cheaper than in larger shopping centers. People also appreciate if the vendor can tell them more about the origin of the products they buy.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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