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How to protect the garden and backyard from ticks?

How to protect the garden and backyard from ticks? Did you know that you can bring your tick not only from the forest, but also from your own backyard or garden? We advise how to take care of these areas to keep ticking in the places where you want to spend your free time as small as possible.

Spray and maintenance

The latest chemicals used for spraying are much more gentle than in the past. It spreads only a few centimeters below the surface of the soil, and therefore does not penetrate the deeper layers of soil. Spray is suitable for example on a lawn that is in the shade for a long time or on a part of the land where moisture is held. These are the favorite ticks. Sunshine spots do not usually require spraying because they do not hold the ticks.

Of course there is regular lawn trimming. The shorter the lawn, the lower the risk of tick occurrence.

The mice and animals are forbidden to enter

Ticks can be infected with infectious diseases from mice, which then infect ticks in the backyard or garden. Fortunately, there are rodent traps with material impregnated with chemicals that the mouse likes to take away into its cloud. As soon as such chemicals reach the murine habitat, rodents cease to be attractive to the ticks. Their spread in the garden will be limited.
Do not leave the courtyard or garden accessible to wildlife that commonly transmits ticks. Uninvited visits from a nearby forest or neighboring estates should be avoided. It helps high-quality fence, repellents and game repellents. You should also remove from the backyard everything that attracts the game.

The shaded edge of the garden or courtyard, where there is dense vegetation, and the corners of the foliage - all ticks attract. Especially if there is such a place in the shade and it keeps moisture on it. And therefore:

  • The growth of these nooks is better to cut, the leaves and branches regularly clean and not give the ticks a chance to settle.
  • The protective barrier in the form of stones or gravel will help to separate the garden from the surrounding stands and thus make the ticks easier to access your garden and yard.

Source: Key Encephalitis

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