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Regular inspection of gas boilers saves lives

Regular inspection of gas boilers saves lives The poor technical condition of the gas boiler increases the likelihood of poisonous carbon monoxide leakage, which is responsible for the deaths of dozens of people in the Czech Republic every year. For gas boiler owners, regular check of their equipment before or after the heating season should be a matter of course.

The leakage of poisonous carbon monoxide, resulting from poor combustion of gas, can cause poisoning. Its presence in the air is not easily detectable. "Carbon monoxide is a odorless gas, the leakage of which is not possible without the meter being recorded. Staying in a high concentration area can lead to suffocation. Prevention is mainly a good technical state of gas appliances, " explains Michal Doležel from the E.ON Rádce project.

Have a gas boiler checked

To prevent potential leakage of carbon monoxide into the interior, have your gas boiler checked annually. Annual inspections of gas boilers are not obligatory for households, but experts and manufacturers strongly recommend them. During the inspection, the technician must check all the important components of the boiler, in addition, provide advice or consultation. Proper boiler control, of course, has an impact on its efficient and economical operation. After inspection , the on-site technician draws up an inspection report stating whether or not the boiler is capable of safe operation. "The technician who will carry out a gas boiler check should provide you with a service statement so that you can prove to the insurer, for example, that the boiler is safe and properly controlled", says Libor Hrabacka (Vaillant Group Czech sro).

Replace old gas appliances

Many accidents associated with the leakage of hazardous carbon monoxide are associated with old gas appliances in a technically unsuitable condition with neglected maintenance. According to experts, roughly a third of gas appliances are regularly inspected and serviced. This is alarming when we consider the consequences of leakage of poisonous carbon monoxide.

Problems with flue gas leakage into the interior mostly relate to "B" gas appliances, those that use air from the installation site for combustion. The old gas flow heaters - "karma" - are mentioned here. An effective step to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide leakage into the interior is therefore, in addition to regular inspections, the modernization of gas appliances. Modern gas appliances are not only more economical but also safer. New gas boilers always have air intake to the burner brought from the outside.

It will also help install CO detectors

If you want to be absolutely sure, install carbon monoxide detectors in your rooms. "The detector detects an increased concentration of this hazardous gas in the air and triggers an acoustic signal. This is not an expensive device, and common carbon monoxide detectors cost up to 1000 crowns, "describes the possibilities of air quality monitoring Michal Doležel. The detector works completely autonomously and needs a battery for its operation.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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