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Guardian: Watch out for the limits of the nursing home

Guardian: Watch out for the limits of the nursing home Providing a nursing home has its own pitfalls that parents should care about the sick child to be aware of. The law does not allow the possibility that the necessary treatment is immediately connected to one another, ie the illness would follow immediately. If this occurs, the period of treatment is considered as one continuous and the treatment is paid only for a limited number of days.

She was convinced that single mother, whose little daughter had angina, and a child doctor had a mother's decision on the need for nursing for 14 days. But at the end of the treatment, smallpox broke out, which required more than two weeks of treatment and home care.

The nursing mother has confirmed that nursing is necessary. The mother lives with her daughter alone and there was no one else who cared for her in the disease, she had to stay with her. However, the District Social Security Administration did not admit it to the second part of the CPR, so it remained completely without income and, as a single parent, it was in a difficult situation.

Under the Sickness Insurance Act, an employee who, due to the care of another member of the household, can not work. The maximum length of admission is 9 calendar days, for lonely employees it is 16 days. In this particular case, the days of treatment immediately followed . From the point of view of sickness insurance, the need for care continued constantly, only the diagnosis changed. Thus, the District Social Insurance Administration granted the caregiver a period of 16 calendar days from the date of the decision of the physician on the need to care for the child. If the doctor terminated the initial treatment, the mother went back to work and only then a new need for nursing would arise. From the date of the new doctor's prescription, the doctor would start a new 9-day resp. 16-day support period.

The social security body proceeded according to the Defender in accordance with the law and can not complain. However, parents should be aware that the provision of the nursing home has these limits. The law does not exclude that the attending physician decides on the need for treatment several times a month because of various diagnoses, and the treatment is always paid for 9, 16 days. If, however, the treatment is immediately followed, the treated person pays only once .

The Defender recommended that the complainant ask the Minister for Labor and Social Affairs to remove the hardness of the law. This is an extraordinary procedure, and the removal of hardness is not a legal claim. It is up to the minister to evaluate the circumstances of each individual case, whether he will comply with the request.

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