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Is it a canoe or a kayak?

Is it a canoe or a kayak? Do you start with a new spring to think of recreational sports in nature? Correctly. How about going with a boat on the river?

Almost all of us were sometimes "on the water". Young people often see such actions as an opportunity to spend time with friends and enjoy fun. Paddling is also a great aerobic exercise and is surprisingly also suitable for people with physical limitations . Staying in nature and natural movement are beneficial to the body and soul.

Safe driving rules

When riding along the river, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules in order not to pose unnecessary risk, everyone knows. Individuals with underdog health must, however, respect one more rule: ride with friends and a certified instructor . His presence is important for several reasons:
He knows the technique of paddling and the risks of faulty movement stereotypes. People with mobility restrictions help find the right way to catch paddles and paddles to make it safe, comfortable and effective.
He knows the river and its traps and can warn in advance of any danger.
It will help to estimate the forces correctly so that we do not get into an emergency situation.
It will propose the composition of the team so that everyone can use their skills and gain the necessary comfort.
It can determine the type of ship that is most suitable for the rider.
He is thoroughly trained in rescuing toning, providing first aid and treating possible injuries.
In any case, you should not give up on water unplanned and yourself!

Do not cut without good equipment

For safe and relaxed floating on the river, it is a crucial step to acquire quality equipment. You should count with:
Quality clothing , preferably functional , in which you will not get cold. Consider renting a neoprene suit,
Protective helmets - carrying vest, helmet, cycling gloves, if necessary with special protectors,
Special paddles for pedestrians with aggravated hand movements,
A special foam seat for those with balance problems to feel good in the boat.

Do you want to enjoy a family trip or a family friend? You can read a book or watch a water-theme movie together. You will see how easy it will be. Full paddle forward!

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