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Sugar steals nutrition for children. How many sweets is too much?

It is simply impossible to banish sweets for children. Restrict it, it is necessary. Why is excess sugar harmful and how much is too much?

Children love sweet. Even more than we adults. They can not be surprised - sugar, that's almost pure energy, and growing kids need more than enough for their development. No bonbon will escape their misty lips ... If the parent does not interfere, he says, "Stop."

Six teaspoons a day

Children for healthy growth need not only energy but also enough protein, vitamins and minerals. They do not give them a simple sugar, so there is not much room for them in baby food. A child who covers his energy intake by chocolate no longer has the need to eat dairy products or vegetables - and at that moment sugar begins to endanger his health . Consequences that children carry to adulthood can be fragile and brittle bones, obesity and bad cholesterol.

The biggest wrinkles should be added to the added sugar . So not the one we naturally find in apple or pasta, but sugar industrially added to food.
Children under 2 years of age should not receive any added sugar according to the latest recommendations.
Children between 2 and 18 years should not eat more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar a day.
Six teaspoons of sugar are the same as 25 grams or as 100 kilocalories (kcal) of energy.

This is less than it may seem - equivalent to 250 milliliters of wheat or less chocolate bar. Today's children eat at least three times as much sugar.

Empty calories do not even prove to you

But if you use the imaginable six teaspoons correctly, the added sugar can serve as a helpful helper in healthy baby nutrition. It can improve the taste of foods that are rich in nutrients. The child will taste sweetened cereals or flavored milk and yoghurt. On the contrary, the typical "empty" foods that you should only treat your child exceptionally include:
Hard and soft sweets,
Chocolate bars,

For all sweetened foods, it is especially necessary to guard the quantity. Start reading the nutritional values ​​table and do not bother to use the kitchen scale to calculate the right portion. Initially it can be time consuming, but you can quickly learn to estimate the portion. The newly acquired knowledge will then help you feed more not only your children but also yourself. It may surprise you, but the recommended sugar intake for adults is hardly different from children's values .

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