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Take a train ride across Europe. 15 routes where the train is faster than the plane

Travel is one of the favorite leisure activities. Ticket prices are dizzyingly low and flying almost anywhere. Affordable air transport also has environmental impacts and transport in general is one of the main factors influencing air status. GoEuro has published a list of routes that can be transported by train in comparable or shorter time and significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to air travel.

The so-called carbon footprint, or the amount of greenhouse gas emissions emitting different modes of transport, varies considerably. Air transport is the worst for the environment and air travel is the least environmentally friendly way of traveling. The train is a clear winner in this respect, and in some cases it can also save time. Emission data comes from Ecopassanger, and GoEuro identifies the most eco-friendly way of traveling on a specific display of 15 popular European routes.

The average number of passengers on the train was counted in the average fuel consumption for rail transport. For air transport, except for the flight itself, the time and emissions produced by the necessary transport to and from the airport to the destination were also included. Unlike railway stations, the airport is always far from the center, and another mode of transport is needed before the actual flight. Up to travel time, airport check-in and security checks are counted, typically 60 to 90 minutes depending on the particular airport.

Among the most popular European routes, the eco-winner with the largest amount of CO2 saved was the routes between Munich and Vienna, London - Manchester and London - Paris .

Most fuel can be saved by choosing rail transport between Munich and Vienna, namely 49 liters. Other significant savings can be seen between London and Manchester (44 liters) and Munich and Frankfurt am Main (43 liters).

The railway tracks with the greatest time savings

Significantly faster by train from Amsterdam to Brussels, you will save up to an hour and 39 minutes on air travel. Between London and Manchester is an hour and 21 minutes. And in third place, especially in summer favorite route, Madrid - Barcelona with 1:15 am. is a simple travel platform that allows you to search and compare rail, bus and air transport in Europe, but also to buy tickets and tickets.

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