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How to clean your car interior step by step

It is so. Cleaning your car will not be avoided. Whether it's a big grunt after the winter or a little cleaning, we have to get some luck with it. We offer you a brief overview of what you can not forget. But you must do it yourself.

You surely know. From time to time it is necessary not only to wash the car, but also to clean the interior thoroughly. Sure, you can leave it to professionals and pay for it. However, it is clear that it is more economical to go about it alone. Plus, recognize who gives you that great feeling of well-done work?

Take it from the floor

Clearly the dirtiest part of the interior of the car is the floor, so we recommend starting with it. Of course, you have to knock the carpets, suck them and then vacuum the floor itself. Consider whether the rugs are mature for replacement. Not only do you have a nicer car in your car, it's also a safety precaution. Older bent rugs can easily come under your feet when you need to brak. If you think they are still in good condition, you can clean them with the intended product.

Seats do not neglect

When you have a vacuum cleaner in your hand, you can plunge into the seats. The first is to vacuum them out and remove all kinds of crumbs and sticks. No matter how often you sit in the car, a lot of disarray is seized on the seats. For this type of dirt, therefore, use special detergents designed directly on the seats. Perhaps you would not even think that there are even preparations for removing spots like your dog's saliva, you will definitely appreciate them. And if you have leather seats, remember that there are special skin care products on your skin. Not only will it extend its life, but also significantly refresh its appearance.

In addition to the duster, use a polish as well

You probably suspect that dusting will not be avoided during cleaning. Get a microfibre cloth to remove the dust perfectly. You can also use dampened wipes designed to make the plastic interior parts of the car brighter and greener. For the perfect surface effect, you can also use special plastic spray cleaners and revitalizers, often with a pleasant smell. Anyway, you'll be amazed how the interior of the car has been spotted when it's over.

Windows should be cleaned from inside

Make sure you clean and polish the windows last, because you would be wiping them out again during the next cleaning. A special window spray is designed for the perfect removal of greasy film and smudges, which significantly worsen the view and the glare from opposite vehicles or the sun. We also recommend using a window spray and dehumidifying bags for moisture absorption.

The air conditioning must also be cleaned

You may not even know it, but it is also necessary to clean the air conditioning regularly. If you do not, you reduce not only its effectiveness but also reduce its life. And you're also threatening your health. In the evaporator, thanks to condensed water, a large number of harmful microorganisms thrive. Therefore, clean the kit for disinfecting and cleaning the air conditioning via ventilation. There is nothing to worry about, the use of the set is very easy and takes about half an hour. This will eliminate all bacteria and thus protect your health. If you use air conditioning frequently in the summer, it is best to use disinfection once every two months. We also recommend replacing the cabin (pollen) filter and checking and cleaning the condenser with a cleaner directly to clean the condenser.

The icing on the cake is the scent

Now the car is shining with clarity. If you want to crown somehow, get a nice scent in the car. Keep in mind that you can choose not only from classic trees, but also from the fragrances in the design packages or those that attach to the ventilation, hang on the handles or put them in the compartment. There are plenty of choices, so be quiet.

Believe that your car will appreciate your care and feel much better in it. You spend a lot of time in it and your family, so you should not underestimate the fact that the cleanliness of the interior also affects your health. And as we have already said, the fact that you can clean your car yourself will delight yourself. When you see how everything flashes, you will have a really good feeling from your work.

Source: editorial post / tz Auto Kelly, edited editorial

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