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The nationwide happening of the ZUŠ Open offers art in the streets

For a week, on Tuesday 30 May, the first year of the nationwide happening of the primary art schools of the ZUŠ Open will take place in 280 towns and municipalities to support the creative artistic education of children. The genre-varied program prepared 355 primary schools of art - concerts of open-air schools, children's performances with professional artists, or in collaboration with established festivals and experienced philharmonics, workshops, street art projects and performances.

Under the motto "children live by art", the project will support prominent personalities across artistic disciplines, at the invitation of Magdalena Kožená, the patron saint of Alice Nellis, Maxim Velčovský and Otto and Jiří Bubeníček. The event supports many other artists who remember with love their learning beginnings.

Entrance to a thousand events is free and offers people an extraordinary opportunity to experience art with children in the streets often in attractive places such as chateaus, churches, parks and squares, the train station or the zoo.

Patron of the mezzosopranist project, Magdalen Kozena, personally visits several events in her native South Moravia, Vysočina and the Zlín Region. The highlight of the day in Brno will be her singing together with children in Moravian square, where the Brno Primary Art Schools are preparing an extremely attractive program. Project guarantors Alice Nellis, Maxim Velčovsky and Bubeníčková brothers will go on the Czech Republic to meet at the end of the day in Prague at Náměstí Republiky, Jiřího z Poděbrad and at the Church of the Sacred Heart of the Lord.
"I believe that this year's ZUŠ Open will be attended not only by the performers but also by the audience, so that they will be able to bring the audience closer to the public. I hope we will be able to start a new cultural tradition. I would like to thank all the teachers who have prepared the rich program together with the children and also wished the children to fulfill their artistic dreams, " adds the patron and founder of the endowment fund Magdalena Kožená to the project.

The detailed program of the ZUŠ Open 2017 on Tuesday 30th May and the map of each venue is available on the event pages . The nationwide happening was initiated by the Magdalena Kožená Endowment Fund to open a debate on the importance and the positive role played by artistic education in the development of a child's personality. The event will take place in cooperation with the Association of Basic Art Schools of the Czech Republic.

Personalities at the Art School Open

Besides the patronage of the mezzo- soprano Magdalena Kožená and the co-director of David Marec, CEO of the Czech Philharmonic, ZUŠ Open is also a guarantor for the individual disciplines. For the dance field, it is Jiří and Otto Bubeníček , designer Maxim Velčovský is the artistic director and director of Alice Nellis, a literary-dramatic subject.
Many artists will support the event with their performances. The festive concert of the piano virtuoso of the young generation Ivo Kahanek and the graduates of the school was prepared by the ZUŠ Česká Třebová. The player on the flute and conductor Jakub Kydlicek will support the children in Kostelec nad Orlicí. Prague Cellist Terezie Kovalová , Concert Master of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Magdalena Mašlaňová and a number of other prominent personalities will be present in Prague at Rebublica Square in other places throughout the Czech Republic.
The symbolic support was also expressed by artists such as Jiří Pavlica, Zdenek Svěrák and Jaroslav Uhlíř, Radek Baborak, Beata Hlavenková, Vít Petrášek, Ondřej Havlík alias En.Dru, Jan Talich and others. Most of them just started in elementary art school.

They said about the Early Open

"Basic art schools are the roots of our culture, our love for art. They are a unique educational system world-wide, which has to be pampered, developed and supported, " says the world-known mezzo-soprano and patron of the Open Arts Magdalena Kožená .
"In LSU, which was the former form of Art School, I spent most of my free time as a child. Nobody forced me to do that. On the contrary, I remember the mummy's horror when I came up with the fact that I would like to go to another subject. The art school was a place where, unlike a normal school, it was fun to me, where there were children who enjoyed similar things, and where I felt safe. It was a place where I could be alone. And I believe that such a place needs every child, " says the guarantor of the ZUŠ Open for Literary Drama, director Alice Nellis .
"Art for me, specifically dance, is like air. And like air, dance is a vital part of life, developing soul, intellect, and love. Art education of children and youth is therefore very important, and when it is possible, I like to help as a pro. That's why I very much appreciate the offer of Magdalena Kožená and with enthusiasm will support the project of ZUŠ Open, which will also be dancing, " adds to the project his guitar dancer and choreographer Jiří Bubeníček .
"In my young years, the tears were called Liduška; She left me a lot of memories. It was a period of creation in a children's group where one was confident and taught to observe and perceive the individual approaches of each child's individuality. Since then I have brought a lot of knowledge and experience into adulthood. The most important thing for me was searching, discovering, and mainly experimenting. In my childhood, Liduška was a crucial and determining place to direct me to my next life, " says Maxim Velčovský, designer of her personal experience .

Basic arts schools by numbers

There are 489 elementary art schools in the Czech Republic, which is 11 more than in 2007, where 247,000 pupils study. Currently they offer four basic fields - musical, dance, art and literary-dramatic. Interestingly, there is a substantial increase in the total number of branches, that is to say places where teaching takes place; schools have 965 branches there than 738 sites ten years ago, an increase of 31%.
Over the past 10 years, interest in studying at primary school has increased by 12%. Searching for and strengthening the relationship to art, love for the muses and developing skills and talents helps 11,662 permanent and 1053 external educators. The growing interest in studying at primary school is seen as by far the most widespread musical field, where in the individual or group study it studies 17% more pupils than 10 years ago (specifically 155,360) and in the field dominated by the beautiful word and theater muse - literally - The dramatic field recorded the greatest relative increase in interest in the last decade (by 28% to 9750 pupils). Stable interest is in the dance class where currently 26766 students are mostly interested in dancing (95% of the girls are predominant). The interest in art branches was 11% higher in the decade and 49591 pupils studied. Every year more than 15,000 graduates leave the elementary art school, the maximum number (17,088) was reached in the school year 2014/2016. (Source: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)

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