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Weekly Horoscope May 22 to May 28, 2017

Weekly Horoscope May 22 to May 28, 2017 Forget ostrich politics. This way it does not lead. Communicate with others, be more proactive in solving the current issue. If it's kids, do not be so radical ..

Week: May 22, 2017 - May 28, 2017

Aries (21.3.-20.4.)
Dear Lambs, you do not do well when you run away from the truth. They will come to you as well. It wants to add a little more to courage, because it really does not really matter. It's just you that you may think. The physical sphere shows a small obstacle that you can do with your experience quite easily. Believe yourself .. In privacy, more patience and faith will be needed in the good end. If you are not subject to panic, you will not push the saw, then light will appear at the end of the tunnel.

Taurus (21.4.-20.5.)

Dear Bulls, keep yourself secluded, do not hurry up. You have the art of communication in your little finger and you know it's sometimes silent - as it is now .. The material area can provide several opportunities, if you want to change, there is nothing easier - if you really want it! . You can say that you have ignored something for a long time. Turning for the better is provided, provided that you are not going anywhere or anything "over the corpses" ; Or - patience is needed ..

Gemini (21.5.-21.6.)

Dear Gemini, you hear the grass growing! In other words, do not look for problems where they are not. Or you really call them. Material matters seem to be fine, you can even make a celebration of joint success with colleagues, business partners. Just do not forget about the rear wheels. You should end in privacy with everything that limits, poisons and sucks you. It can be a person, as well as a way of dealing - yours, but perhaps someone else with you. It's a week of making mantinels - so create! ..

Rak (22.6.-22.7.)

Dear Racecours, the essence of these days should be first of all thorough planning for you. Whatever it is, not spontaneity. Do not let anyone and nothing affect the financial sector to change your current position anyway. That is not necessary. The biggest mistake would be not to keep your decision .. At home, you can feel a little lonely, worry over your head and no one can help you. But everything is about priorities. Your priorities; Currently there are a lot of disorder. Start here ..

Lev (23.7-23.8.)

Dear Lion, you could expect a very happy week. Keep balance and giving. Do not make important decisions - first you need a detailed plan .. Finance and work oversee the highest protection of the very sky, so all problems should be solved "by themselves " . Just do not engage in anything, go through the events. In privacy everything will be fair; No matter how nice the result will be. But for the most part, you can be calm, this time you have really tried and the circumstances are very favorable to you. The idea, first of all looking crazy, definitely do not bet .. ;-)

Virgo (24.8.-23.9.)

Dear Dolls, you are showing a little implausible. Once again, you have overtaken it somewhat with expectation, and again it does not work out (it will not work). You can not judge all of it according to your own potential! .. Think of all the editions well, you could be wrong and unnecessary. Essential is the perfect plan, that's the way to success. Personality problems go behind your head, there is a higher defense force. As soon as you stop solving the problem, they will take care of them. Rest, relax. This is your current task.

Scales (24.9.-23.10.)

Dear Libra, if you do not push anywhere on the saw, there will be nothing that could ruin your current week. You only create the problem yourself where you will insinuate. The material sphere "occupies" more protective forces and wants to solve the trouble for you. Let them work - alone .. At home you should experience satisfaction and peace, and overall comfort. The happy star shines on your privacy, so everything turns to your advantage. Current and Future. What now begins will bring you much joy and success.

Scorpio (24.10.-22.11.)

Dear Scorpions, everything around you should have a harmonious development. You might want to speed things up, but do not try. Everything that will be "accelerated" will have a life of spirits . And you do not even want to do it. The financial situation seems to be very good. To make it better, then you have to start spreading networks elsewhere. It certainly does not have to be a plan to do now. Try it .. In the private sphere, you should take off the scarf from your eyes and forget the ostrich politics. This way it does not lead. Communicate with others, be more proactive in solving the current issue. If it's kids, do not be so radical ..

Sagittarius (23.11.-21.12.)

Dear Shooters, get in touch with friends you have not seen for a long time and plan something. These days are a sign of meeting with others, so definitely do not go home. As far as finances are concerned, you have decided on something for a long time. Expand quickly or miss the chance to show something, maybe open your eyes. And just be a little bit of "monsters" , that's what the neighborhood is about to take away. Whatever should end, you should be relieved. And it is the outcome of all that you should take with the lightness and wisdom of the giants .. ;-)

Capricorn (22.12.-20.1.)

Dear Capricorn, it looks like a little "whining" week - "no one likes you" and "buy a dwarf, so you grow up" . So prrr! You can face this when you want it! .. At work and in finances, it is necessary to realize (a few times?!?!!!) That a different opinion does not mean an enemy. Discuss, argue, but do not be afraid, it's not the way. And at home, be careful that there is not all the gold that flashes! So, somebody wants to listen to you while lured to what you like . Such a little manipulator is lying around you! Stay in reality to avoid disappointment ..

Aquarius (21.1.-19.2.)

Dear Aquarius, little annoyance may surprise you with the shortness of the week. Do not be poisoned, it will not be life. Learn about the next time. In the material area, you can feel a certain pressure around you that you should do something. Do it, listen. Otherwise there is a risk that someone will overtake you and you will not like it. The later "if I" is the only cure: do not hesitate. Stress in privacy breaks down, realizing what is really important and what you may miss. Then you will start to breathe freely. You're in chaos so far. Align the priorities, because it's all about it ..

Fish (20.2.-20.3.)

Dear Pisces, step by step you will increase your self-esteem: your words will come true, you will do little work and privacy. You can smile at the world, because of the tremendous little things once become great things. Training on the little ones is the best way to go out. There is a problem around finance: you do not want to see something, so you do not. But that's it! Solve it in a timely manner .. There is a twist in privacy, a good one for you. Something you realize, someone you can meet who will inspire you; Whatever it is, it will be a benefit.

Words to Think:

"When the last tree is cut, when the last river is poisoned when the last fish is caught, then we will know that money can not be eaten"
(Cree Indians)

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