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Culinary tourism: how to avoid "plague from a plate"

Do you really want to understand the cultures of other peoples? Then sit down to the tables and let all your senses be pampered. The popularity of so-called culinary tourism, which combines cognition and gastronomic experiences, has been on the rise in recent years. All you have to do is choose a destination, a good taste and an unforgettable adventure.

For lovers of good food

Culinary tourism or gastronomic tourism has been booming in recent years. There is also no wonder. Who would not want to enjoy a good meal while discovering the beauty of other countries? The aim of culinary tourism is to educate and inspire food and drink lovers. At present, customers can choose from a range of culinary packages offered by travel agents and agencies, or go out on their own and build a holiday menu according to their own wishes and tastes.

For example, French cuisine lovers will enjoy cooking classes in Paris , and those interested in Mediterranean cuisine can spend their holiday on one of the countless specialized farms and learn about the history of regional cuisine. However, Europe is not a borderline for culinary experiences. You can also go for exotics. Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil , but also Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, or Mexico . This is just a short list of countries where culinary tourism is getting more and more popular.

Plague on a plate

Even while tasting exotic cuisine, however, the risk of dangerous infectious diseases must be borne in mind. Careful attention should be given to travelers going to exotic countries with a lower hygienic standard. More than 250 infectious diseases can be transmitted by eating . The most common ones are:
Travel diarrhea,
Hepatitis A,
Viral diarrhea.

Before traveling, it is advisable to inform the travel medicine practitioner of the possibility of vaccination and to observe the basic traveler's rules . It is not even the conclusion of travel insurance to cover any costs associated with treatment abroad. None of us certainly wants to bring an unpleasant souvenir in the form of an infectious disease alongside unforgettable experiences and new recipes.

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