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Do babies need pneumococcal vaccination?

When the baby begins to vaccinate, it is up to the parents to decide whether besides the mandatory vaccines, their descendants will also get the recommended ones. Considerably vaccine against pneumococcus is worth considering. Here are answers to the three most frequent inquiries from parents about this vaccination.

Why does a child need protection against pneumococcus?

Because children under two are the most vulnerable group. Pneumococcus is commonly found in the upper respiratory tract of both children and adults. You can bump anywhere. Some strains are harmless, others cause colds or mites. The most dangerous are pneumonia, inflammation of the brain and blood circulation infections (blood poisoning). Vaccination is an effective prevention. Following its implementation, the number of these severe infections in children under 5 years decreased by 80%.

What is she wearing?

The pediatrician offers two conjugated pneumococcal vaccines at the time of initiation of the vaccination. One of them protects against ten tribes, the other against thirteen. The basic vaccine is paid by the insurance company, the surcharge on the other is usually around 400-500 CZK, according to the supplier. You hesitate to choose? If you are in financial distress, have the baby inoculate at least a basic vaccine. If you can afford a vaccine with a broader spectrum of performance, do not hesitate - the protection is bigger. Sometimes a more expensive vaccine can be achieved otherwise. Recommended vaccinations are often paid by health insurance companies under the bonuses, sometimes even in full. Therefore, it would be best to ask your insurance company for the option of reimbursement before you finally decide. Do not forget to hide the paragon. Vaccines against pneumococcus can be used by older children and adults, and vaccine insurance companies also contribute.

What side effects can the vaccines have?

Refusal to vaccinate against pneumococcus is far more risky than its potential side effects. These are very safe and well-tolerated vaccines. If the reaction occurs at all, it is usually the elevated temperature (less than 2% of the infected children and fever), or redness or swelling at the vaccine site. It really is about the little things you can easily solve. In addition, they are incomparable with the risks posed by pneumococcal infections .

Source: Očkovací kalendář.cz

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