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Failure to show climbers in the Giant nests of a critically endangered falcon

On the Czech side of the Krkonoše, only five pairs of critically endangered migratory predator nest. In recent weeks, climbers in the eastern Krkonoše Mountains have been thwarted by the nesting of one of the pairs by clearing the wall and its surroundings from raiding trees on a rock where a couple hunted, riveting the rock and climbing it repeatedly. At that time the nesting falcons did not survive this rough interference and left the nest.

The rock to which the falcon was nesting is not a climbing site, so climbing was illegal. It informs about Krkonoše National Park.

"Such behavior on the territory of the national park is not unacceptable,"
says Jan Hřebaček, Director of the KRNAP Administration. "The failure of the climbers to prepare one fifth of the Giant Mountains for the chance to bring young people this year," said Hrebecak. At present, the ornithologists estimate the number of falcons in the Czech and Polish Krkonoše to 6-8 pairs. In the Giant Mountains, the falcon in the Giant Mountains regularly nestled in the 60s of the last century, then disappeared as a nesting species for more than 30 years. Since the 1990s he has been living in the Giant Mountains again. Its population is still small.

The KRNAP administration calls for talks with the Czech Mountaineering Union to find the culprits. They will then initiate administrative proceedings with them. Subsequently, the entire rock will be restored to its original state, technical aids will be removed.

In KRNAP climbing is only allowed on rocks that are reserved for that purpose. There are four: Brown and Hranostá rocks at Strážný, Eminy stones at Labská and Lubošské rocks near Harrachov.

In connection with this case, the Czech climbing association appeals to all climbers to respect all restrictions due to nesting or other reasons as well as other climbing conditions that are negotiated with nature conservation authorities or other bodies.


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