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With children to the sea: not only a destination is important

Rodin, who travel on summer holidays with children, is growing. According to the Invia Travel Agency data this year, 48% more families with children will go to the sea than last year. They most often come to Croatia and Italy. According to pediatricians, the European destinations are the most suitable. However, it is necessary to prepare properly in advance. The complete travel insurance, the valid child's certificate or the first-aid kit can not be missed.

This season is typical of a significantly higher interest in travel. This also applies to families with children. The most popular destinations include Croatia and Italy. The reason is easy access by bus and by car. According to current statistics, children account for more than a quarter of the passengers in these locations. This summer thousands of children younger than 15 years will go to these destinations. Other family-friendly tourist destinations include Greece and Bulgaria. Traditional destinations, according to experts from Invia travel agency, are popular especially thanks to quality services, good facilities and plenty of attractions for children.

Traveling with children is possible according to pediatricians from 3 months , when the child has the first mandatory vaccination. The choice of the destination destination always depends primarily on the courage of the parents and the current state of health of the child. "However, due to the wide range of infections that can be encountered during travel, it is recommended to choose children and children up to 2 years of age, which are the climate and lifestyle of Central Europe. Ideal are European destinations, but parents do not have to be afraid to take a child to the Canary Islands or other European islands. Visiting exotic countries should consider the parents of younger children well, " says practical practitioner for children and adolescents Stanislav Spurny. For the same reason, he then recommends choosing charter flights. "While liner flights use a large number of nationalities to travel, in charter flights passengers usually meet only their compatriots. The risk of exposing the baby to an exotic virus is so much less. Charter flights from Bohemia also fly to most popular holiday destinations, " comments Michal Tůma (Invia) and adds that air transport is the most popular among Czechs. This year, 64% of tourists choose it.

For the trip and the vacation itself, then, according to doctors, it is worthwhile to have a packed first-aid kit with basic medicines for fever, pain, bowel problems and allergies. Burning preparations also pay for anti-burns and a simple dressing. Gastrointestinal problems, respiratory infections or complications associated with excessive sunlight include, according to Česká pojišťovna, the most common problems the Czechs have to deal with their children on vacation. Increasingly frequent injuries arise in the use of attractions in hotel complexes, such as slipping by the pool or injury on slides and slides.

A timely negotiation of the appropriate insurance is necessary for a smooth holiday and easier solutions to possible problems. "Travel insurance for children should be made up of medical expenses insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance. People are often forgotten on responsibility for damage, but this component is extremely important. Protects parents if a child causes injury or breaks or damages foreign property, " explains Ivana Buriánková, spokeswoman for ČP. It is also important to ensure valid child documents. "Today, even a small infant must have his own documents, writing a child into a parent's ID is no longer enough. When traveling to most European countries, it is therefore necessary to negotiate a child with one's own citizen, and then he needs a passport when traveling to more distant destinations, " says Michal Tůma. It may take up to 30 days for documents to be handled, so it is advisable to think about it well in advance.

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