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Do not throw the star on the ground! Prague launches campaign We want a clean city

Campaign We want the clean city to warn of the environmental impact of the discarded cigarette butts and asks smokers not to throw them to the ground. It also included the distribution of so-called mobile ashtrays. For the campaign, the Prague City Hall is together with Prague 1.

From May 31, 2017, restrictions related to the entry into force of the so-called anti-smoking law apply. Among other things, it is forbidden to smoke in the closed premises of restaurants, bars and pubs. And the city of Prague is afraid that the smokers who are going to smoke on the streets will be batting the ground. They tackled such a situation after the introduction of a ban on smoking in closed areas, for example, in Paris and London, where they began to award high penalties for the eviction of bailiffs and at the same time began to inform citizens about the malfeasance.

"It is important to focus on the cleanliness of the environment at the beginning of the so-called anti-smoking law. A cigarette butt is not just a mess on the ground, but its contents contaminates nature with poisonous substances, which is scarcely aware of. That's exactly what our campaign is about to draw attention to, "
said Jana Plamínková, environmental councilor.

Due to the number and popularity of restaurants and bars in the center of the metropolis, the campaign focuses primarily on the Old Town. The teams will operate on four selected locations: in the square between the streets of Kolkovna, Prison and Široká; On Republiky Square; Old Town Square and the streets of October 28, Na Můstku and Na Příkopě. The campaign focused primarily on education. Contact teams offered flyers with some brief facts. On the other hand, cigarette butts do not make up nearly a third of the world's waste ( Ekolist 's comment : it is very likely that this claim is wrong, and it's probably the big part of the rubbish swept away from the streets) and in nature it's up to fifteen years. Furthermore, one of the major dangers associated with bats on the streets is their possible consumption by small children or animals. And that they contain thousands of chemicals, such as poisonous arsenic, cancer-producing tar, radioactive polonium, and so on.

The campaign also drew attention to the amount of fines for throwing a cigarette butt or non-smoking, which can be up to five thousand crowns in both cases. According to the new law, it is not allowed to smoke even at the public transport stops and platforms , which also remind the flyers.

The campaign also included so-called mobile ashtrays, which the teams offered to those interested free of charge. The cigarette case encloses an ashtray into which up to four uncooks can be stored temporarily in the absence of an ashtray or trash bin.

"On the Prague part of Prague 1, the negative consequences of the so-called anti-smoking law will probably be the strongest. We are therefore trying not only to appeal to smokers using leaflets but also to make posters to establishments where we ask smokers to keep calm and clean the streets, " said City Councilor . Daniel Hodek, who is the representative of the mayor of Prague 1, has environmental competence.

Prague 1 also prepared with the Prague City Hall. M. Prague leaflets in the boxes of their citizens informing them of the measures being prepared. The so-called anti-conflict teams oversee the cleanliness and quiet of the streets in the most frequent times.

Campaign We want a clean city is focused on both Czech visitors and residents of the metropolis center as well as foreign tourists. The materials are therefore prepared in bilingual, both Czech and English.

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