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Prague-Bubny Railway Station in June - Unique alternative scene and gallery

Music, voices, memories and otherness. All this will come to life at the end of June at the railway station in Prague-Bubne, which will become an alternative cultural scene from 21 to 25 June.

The "Buben Solstice" will offer audiences concerts, theater, happenings, and vernissage of artworks. "Other" artists will perform on them - distinctive musicians, theater makers and other top artists who are not part of the mainstream. Still, they are making the voice, diversity and good tone of society that wants to remain democratic and open to all. In Bubnech, for example, the renowned Farma Theater in the Cave, featuring the Waiting Hall, the famed singer Ridin Ahmed, the singer and accordionist Mário Bihari, the band Bachtale Apsa, Allstar Refjúdzi Band or singer Irena Budweiser, will perform . Entrance to all events will be free of charge , only for a theater performance.

The railway station, its surroundings and the railroad, where the Jewish transports left for World War II, will become a place for concerts, theater, meetings, seminars, and workshops for five days. The event linking the abandoned industrial area with the vibrant surroundings of the city is hosted by Shoah Memorial. This Bubene Solstice has once again been partnered with the United Islands of Prague festival.

"We are developing a theme of difference in the program. Theater artists, musicians or visual artists who are obviously different - sometimes they are from another continent or other race, sometimes they are mentally or physically disabled. They represent groups that were designed to be unconscious and non-industrialized at the time of Nazism. The renewal of historical memory and the energy we want to bring back to life is what interests us in this area for a long time, " says Pavel Štingl of the Societe Generale Society, which organizes the Bubene Solstice.

Major projects and well-known names will be complemented by a number of smaller and less well-known ensembles and ensembles - such as those with disabilities, student theater, homeless, racial or cultural minorities. "The moderators of the individual days will also work with quotes by writer Patrik Ouředník, the author of the Europeana provocative novel, as well as experts in the eugenics theme and Nazi propaganda aimed at the so-called" solution to the restoration of the genesis of the Greater German empire "," adds Pavel Štingl. A well-known documentary is also behind the Memorial of Silence project - a modern platform dedicated to reviving the historical memory that should be created at the Prague-Bubny station in the future.

Program at a glance:
Wednesday: Voice of Contra Bass and Farm in the Cave
Thursday: Student's eyes and the music of those they do not see
Friday: stars from all continents
Saturday: drumming against silence
Sunday: upside down and Irena Budweiser

Details here .

The drums are waiting for a memorial

For several years now, the development of a project has begun to turn Prague-Bubny Station into a Memorial of Silence . It was precisely from this train station that almost 50,000 Prague citizens of Jewish origin were deported during the Second World War - in silent observation of the silent city.
A non-profit company, the Shoah Memorial, which seeks to fund a large-scale project, is working on the final stage of the architectural project this year. "The intention of the future public dialogue of the place of memory is to recall the vanished identity of Prague, racism and xenophobia, which are far from past. The constantly repeated serious social phenomena will be devoted to both permanent exhibitions, seasonal projects and educational programs, " says Pavel Štingl. The cultural events that have taken place and will continue to take place are artistic interventions in an environment that is seemingly sleeping in the "gray zone" in the city center.

The authors of the emerging project, the monumental statue of Aleš Veselý The non-returning gate , which has become a sought-after point on the map of Prague since its erection on the route of the former transport in 2015, will be the gallery of young artists called Memoirs of Memory. Its intent is to create a paradigm corresponding to the meaning of the environment.

The most famous works at the drum station include Drum Bubny , a massive joint performance reminiscent of the next anniversary of the first transport departure in October each year.

Do you know that ...?

The first Prague Jewish transport of Protectorate citizens to be liquidated left Prague-Bubny station 76 years ago. Nazis during the Second World War deported from Prague to fifty thousand Jews.
Shoah is a Hebrew expression for the genocide of Jews during the Second World War. The word in translation means destruction, destruction, decay.
From 2015, at the railway station Prague-Bubny, stands a statue of Aleš Veselý, twenty meters high, called Gateless Gate. It has the shape of a dormitory going to heaven, and it reminds us of the transports in place.
The goal of the people behind the Memorial of Silence project is to create a walkway in the Veletržní - Dělnická pěší koridor axis, which will mark the future street of the new city quarter and symbolically link the still divided parts of the city. The organizers are now pushing for the new line to be named after Sir Nicholas Winton. He saved hundreds of predominantly Jewish children in the occupied Czechoslovakia in 1939. Unfortunately, their parents waited for the fate of deportees from Bubny station.

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