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The Summer Shakespeare Festival will start Hamlet in the lead role with Jaroslav Plesl

Exactly three weeks remain until the opening of the next Summer Shakespeare Festival, which will introduce the famous Shakespeare Tragedy Hamlet in the production of Michal Vajdička. He will play again on scenes in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava. A total of 162 performances are planned.

Prague is playing in a new place

Due to the long-term reconstruction of the Supreme Burgrave, the traditional venue of the Summer Shakespeare Festival, this year's Celebrations have found their temporary place in the beautiful area of ​​the Royal Garden of the Prague Castle in the area in front of Míčovna. The second Prague scene does not change, however, this year's popular show will be welcomed by the Summer Stage of AMU Music and Dance Faculty at the Liechtenstein Palace at Malostranské náměstí.

An extraordinary game

Director Michal Vajdička and translator and specialist William Shakespeare Martin Hilski agree that Hamlet is an exceptional game. "Hamlet is an intelligent empathic person who, compared to other Shakespearean characters, does not deal with hotheaded things. He takes full responsibility for all his decisions and deeds. Hamlet seeks truth, life in lies and ignorance devours him. He still leaves the victims behind, but he's worth it. This is very sympathetic to him, " says Michal Vajdička.
And Martin Hilsky adds: "Hamlet is de facto the first English detective, because it is necessary to trace King Hamlet's murderer and give evidence. Although from the beginning, the viewer and Hamlet are told who is his father's killer. Even that's the very modern detective. "

Exceptional cast, original arrangement

Director Michale Vajdička managed to get Hamlet's unique cast. In addition to the main role played by Jaroslav Plesl , Hynek Čermák, Lenka Vlasáková, Ladislav Hampl, Veronika Khek Kubařová and Veronika Macková, Pavel Šimčík, Petr Vršek and Vladimír Polívka will appear on stage.

Michal Vajdička Hamlet not only directed but also edited. "By modifying the text, I tried to make Hamlet's production unimpeded by external effects. I hope that despite the drama of the actors, the actors will fill the whole area of ​​the Prague Castle, and all the themes of the production will be intensively discerned. "
And why did you choose Jaroslav Plesl in the lead role? "Jaroslav Plesl is a gentle and empathetic, very intelligent person, in whom the flame of passion can burn out. He has a sense of justice, and just as he is affected by a wrong. He treats the text very well but also with a dramatic situation, and like Hamlet he has more faces, " explains Vajička.

And he reveals the key to selecting other actors: "In the case of the Summer Shakespeare Festival, it's challenging because you're looking for actors who will not only be able to understand on the stage but also behind the scenes, because we will spend the summer together. On the other hand, you have to guarantee the quality that the spectator of the Summer Shakespearean Festivities is expecting. Because I was locked in Dejvicke Theater for the last few years, the choice was definitely an actor from Dejvicka Theater, whether from an internal or external environment. I think I managed to bring together an unexpectedly exceptional set of actors. "

Busy program

In addition to Hamlet, viewers can choose from a number of other productions that have met with great audiences in recent years. It is the last year's comedy EVERYTHING THREE-KEY OR ANYB WANTED to which director Jana Kališová took Maria Dolezalova, Václav Kopta, Milan Šteindler or Nello Boudová , the restored premiere of the great production of KOMEDIE OMYLŮ in Ostrava and other popular titles such as ROMEO AND JULIA, MORE WANTED FOR NIC, SEN THE NIGHT OF SVATOJAN and, of course, the legendary WINDSORIAN LOVERS by Jiří Menzel, in which Simon Stašová excels with Eva Režnarová and Bolek Polívka . From Bratislava, for the second time, OTHELLO's exceptional production takes place in Brno and Prague. On the stage, after the last year's success, the extraordinary project called " THE SHAKESPEAR HOLIDAY" , originally organized on the occasion of Shakespeare's anniversary, is returning. The evening of humorous and more serious dialogues, sonnets and live music is accompanied by Martin Hilský. Jan Tříska will play the lead role.

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