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The Trojan Botanical Garden opened the Path of Personalities

On Wednesday, June 7th, the Gate of Personalities opened for the first time its gates to the public, which from 2009 gradually emerges in the premises of the Botanic Garden of Prague. Prague as part of the Roots of Personality Project. It consists of several dozens of rare trees and plants, which have been laid down by prominent representatives of Czech as well as world cultural, sporting, scientific or political life.

The ceremonial opening of the Path was undertaken by Bohumil Černý, in charge of the management of the Botanic Garden in Prague. Of Prague and Deputy Mayor of Prague. Petr Dolínek, together with the presbyter of the Brevnov monastery, Petr Prokop, Siostrzonk, who symbolically blessed the roots of the personalities and his path.

"Over seven dozen celebrities have appreciated the Botanical Garden in the last eight years. Prague's visit to support the Kořeny osobností project, which brings together rare natural wealth with the greatest personalities of the contemporary world. The project is intended to remind future generations not only of the unique heritage of nature but also of the best that a person created, whether in the cultural, sporting or scientific spheres, "
says Bohumil Černý in charge of the Botanical Garden of Prague. M. Prague.

To date, there are 77 plants and trees and 75 distinguished names. Visitors will meet with such personalities as Věra Čáslavská, Jiří Menzel, Miloš Forman, Madeleine Albright, Sir Nicholas Winton, Karel Gott, Bohdan Pomahač and Pavel Nedvěd . For many, rare plants have been laid in memoriam by their family members. Thanks to this, they are in the Troja Botanical Garden to see plants or woods bearing the names of Tomas Bata, Alfons Mucha or Otto Wichterle .

According to the statistics, eight herbs and succulents, forty-six trees, six shrubs, thirteen shrubs, two grape vines, and two witches were planted in the botanical garden roots project. All planted specimens belong to rare trees or plants, some of which are permanently endangered. For example, the legend of the Czech popular music scene, singer Karel Gott , has just recently unleashed a Wollemia nobilis tree , Madeleine Albright , a bonsai-shaped Thunberg (Pinus thunbergii) pine tree imported from the biggest distance from Japan, directly from Japan . On the contrary, the Mlade Mlade has a small tree frog (Photinia parvifolia), which is hardly ever grown in Europe.

A real rarity is Sir Nicholas Winton 's tree, which devoted a rare grain to his Trojan botanical garden from his own black mulberry tree . He breeds only with great difficulty. In the world, there are only three rooted sapphires from a rare Winton tree. One of them is to be seen in the Botanical Gardens in Prague thanks to the Kořeny osobností project. The fact that the Trojan garden was passing through his own black mulberry tree, Nicholas Winton did not know until the last minute. He was originally supposed to plant a cedar. But then Winton's daughter, Barbara, had an idea to surprise her father. Thus, one of the rooted mulberry stems was transferred to the Czech Republic, whom Sir Tobias Nicholas Winton gave with great joy to the garden.

In the following years, about 70 other names will be added to the existing rare trees and important personalities involved in the Rosary Personality Project. This will create a truly large project, which will very soon be expanded by large foreign personalities who are directly connected with the Czech Republic. For example, visitors to the botanical garden can already look at a tree blessed by the Tibetan spiritual leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama .

Botanická zahrada hl. Since 1969, when it was founded, Prague has gone a long way, constantly evolving and changing. Gradually, new expositions, plants for rare plants and scientific work, as well as buildings improving visitor amenities and comfort are created. The Roots of Personality Project is just one of the long-term plans for garden development and investment. Recently, for example, in the Ornamental Garden a wooden gazebo has been opened, where there are toilets and a plant bistro. Nearly a gazebo will be completed this year with a completely new exhibition of Honey bees and bees.

In the near future there is a planned renovation of the Japanese Garden and a completely new information and navigation system. The goal is to create not only a modern botanical garden at the level of world botanical gardens, but also a place where visitors will be happy to come back to spend their free time with family or friends.

Source: tz Botanické zahrady Praha, editoriálně upravené

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