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The batteries will get in the summer. How to care for them?

Our mobile devices, whether phones, tablets, e-book readers, cameras or notebooks, accompany us on holiday, on trips or at any time during summer breaks. If you do not want your device to lack the power at the least suitable time or damage it, you need to take proper care of your mobile-powered battery.

The optimum operating temperature of the most commonly used battery types ranges from 15 to 20 ° C. In summer, of course, it is difficult to keep the upper limit, but in any case, you should avoid the exposure of mobile devices to direct sunlight, for example if you leave them on the beach or on the deck on the terrace. "All types of batteries and accumulators damage extremely low and high temperatures. But while undercooled battery packs usually only reduce capacity, the overheated can explode and the mobile device owners burn, " explains Radim Tlapák (

The battery temperature of your smartphone or tablet should definitely not exceed 60 degrees. Such extreme temperatures may not be present in the Central European latitudes outside, but in a closed car, this threshold may be attacked by the thermometer's hand. The explosion hazard of the battery is really high, and besides the phone, the owner can burn the entire car.

Do not cool the battery

If, due to the ambient temperature, the temperature of the mobile device or its battery is greatly increased, it is certainly not a good idea to start actively cooling it in any way. Decreasing the temperature has to take place slowly and naturally - transferring the device to the shade or to a cooler room. Many devices have a thermal fuse that automatically shuts down the superheated device and does not allow it to be switched on again until the operating temperature is reached. "First of all, smartphone owners often forget that their device heats not only the ambient temperature conditions but also the actual operation of the phone. High heat occurs when charging or typically playing games. In summer, however, the device does not have the ability to cool naturally, and in the extreme case the battery can be destroyed , " explains Radim Tlapák.

A redeemed phone? Immediately remove the battery

In addition to high temperatures, many other pitfalls lie on mobile devices in the summer. These include, for example, falling into the water or wiping out the sudden summer thunderstorm. Turn off the device that comes into contact with water immediately and remove the battery if possible. Then allow the device and battery at room temperature to dry for at least one day. Only then fold the device again, and if the battery has not survived the battery, replace it with a new one with the same parameters. Before doing so, be sure to check that your device is otherwise functional. In particular, seawater is very aggressive and quickly corrode the electronic circuits of the device itself and its battery.

Summer equipment - pack the battery

In preparation for summer holidays, it is also advisable to think of electronic devices that we will take with us. On the way to water, it's worthwhile to get a waterproof case for your cell phone and camera, which will also protect sensitive devices from sand, dust and, to a large extent, from a fall on the ground. For long trips outside of civilization, it is also good to pack a portable battery (power bank) that extends the operation of mobile devices, and therefore the ability to navigate, capture photos or play music on the go. Powerbank also ensures that you will not be in a hurry with a discharged phone, without the need to call for help.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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