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How to spend a foreign holiday on your own axis as smoothly as possible?

In 2016, the Czechs made 5,552,000 private foreign tours. On long journeys abroad they set off in half in a car or motorcycle, even at even 78%.

Foreign holiday on your own axis
According to the Selection survey of tourism conducted by the Czech Statistical Office, our citizens aged 15 and over made 5,552,000 private foreign tours in 2016. Longer journeys (that is, associated with at least four overnight stays) were 4,276,000, shorter (with one to three overnight stays) and 1,276,000. On longer journeys abroad they set off in 48 percent of cases in a passenger car or motorcycle, 14 percent on a bus . On short journeys, they went on their own in 78 percent of cases, another 12 percent opted for a bus.

Even this summer, millions of Czechs will spend their holiday on their own axis, spending at least part of their holiday on a foreign destination. What to do to make the journey and stay as smooth as possible without complications? We recommend paying attention to the following areas:

Technical condition of the vehicle

In addition to checking the technical condition of the vehicle, it is necessary to remember the check of its mandatory equipment and its possible addition to the country in which we are heading. We also remember a sufficient number of reflective vests. At least one vest (here for the driver) is placed in the vehicle cabin.

What to do with you

Accessories that a driver should bring with you - sunglasses, spare pair of dioptric glasses (useful, in Spain and Switzerland even mandatory), to France alkotester. After all, it is not bad for us to write down at least two days before departure what we have to take with ourselves for a holiday - we need medicines, we also check the validity of personal documents or a driving license.

Luggage and their storage

Vehicle space options are limited as well as its load capacity. Therefore, it is good to take a holiday with what is needed. "We will store the luggage of the largest and heaviest bag at the bottom of the luggage compartment. On the contrary, at hand, we should have everything that we will necessarily need on the way. And also - to be sure - a warning triangle, first aid kit and reflective vests for fellow travelers, " says Roman Budský from the Road Safety Team.

Do not forget about important documents

Do not forget what? Traveling alongside the EU is a valid ID, the driver must have a valid driving license. We will not forget the health insurance card and the possible insurance of the costs of medical care. And we also take a green card and a Euroform record of a traffic accident. It is definitely worthwhile checking whether we have the current telephone connection to our health insurance company and to the insurance company with which we have insured our motor vehicle. It is also good to make clear what we are entitled to because of a motor insurance policy - for example, free assistance in case of a breakdown or extraction in the event of an accident. In case of a serious complication, it is good to have a telephone number of the Czech Embassy in the country.


We will carefully plan the route we will take to the destination. The way we go when we go - for example, with regard to possible transport complications. And we will also consider how long the journey will take. We plan the driving time with time reserve.

The driver must be fit

The driver must be fit. It is up to him how far the journey will be safe and enjoyable for co-workers. He should have enough rest before the ride. And remember to take regular breaks while driving. Let's say every two and a half hours do not harm the rest for twenty minutes. Neither the driver nor the crew members. Beware of fatigue. Its effect is similar to that of alcohol. A heavily tired driver is just as dangerous as the one who just drank two hard drinkers. The likelihood of a fatal accident is increased 7 times. " Fatigue accounts for up to 10 percent of all traffic accidents, with motorways accounting for up to 20 percent. The most dangerous is the period from midnight to 4 o'clock in the morning. Less known, however, is that we may be surprised by the fatigue even during the day - most often between the second and the fourth afternoon, " warns Roman Budsky. If it's just a little bit possible, it's good to rotate for longer rides.

Travel needs to be safe and relaxing

Even the journey to the desired destination and is part of our holiday. So why not really enjoy it? For all, it should be cool and safe. Companions should remember that it is the driver in whose hands they live and their health. And drivers should choose a style of driving so that others in the car are not only afraid, but they feel comfortable. "In any case, it is good to expect the possibility of getting stuck in a traffic jam. That's why it's good to have enough fuel in the tank, something to eat in the cabin, and plenty of drinks. And enough oversight. Any signs of aggression can only make the situation worse, "concludes Roman Budsky.

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