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Cure for psoriasis? Carefully dosed sun

Can people with psoriasis be afraid of sunbathing, or should they rather stay in the shade? As in many cases here too, there is nothing to exaggerate.

Step by step

Most people suffering from psoriasis observe skin improvement in the summer. For some, this change is even very strong - the reddish scaly skin during the summer months almost disappears. To make the impact of the beams as effective as possible, it is necessary to feed the sun. A week at the beach will help improve the skin's condition, but rarely the skin is completely clean after this time. In addition, if you get sunburned and burned, it may cause a new patch of psoriasis.

Risks exist

Staying in the sun naturally brings some health risks. UVA rays penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and are responsible for the browning of the skin. But they can also be faster for aging. Wrinkles, old stains or loose skin - all of this is a consequence of excessive UVA rays. UVB rays then cause burns. Every such episode, especially among young people, increases the risk of skin melanoma (skin cancer) and also aggravates psoriasis.

How to make a healthy tan

Keep in mind that the sun is reasonably healthy, but it damages everything. Observe the following guidelines.
Do not expose yourself to the sun in the largest steam room (between 10:00 and 15:00).
Wear your hat.
Always protect your eyes with glasses.
Use creams with an appropriate protective factor.
Apply repeatedly after several hours, but also after sports and bathing.
At the beginning of the sunbathing season, always tan for a while, gradually extending the time. Beware, do not let the sun go!
Observe the drinking regime and do not overdo it with dehydration alcohol.
Remember that even your lips deserve care and use a balm with a protective factor.
Respect your skin type - people with a lot of light skin are easier to burn, and adapting to the sun takes them longer.

Have you improved the condition of your skin in the summer and are you afraid of cold months? Solar rays are a source of ultraviolet radiation that we are able to create artificially. Therefore phototherapy is sometimes used in patients with psoriasis. Visit your skin physician and see if this therapy is suitable for you.

Source: Revmatické

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