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Castle Castles CZ with Tomas Klus, Arakain and Luci Bila

The festival of Hrady CZ announces the complete program of its thirteenth year. He will start his castle "Cord" on Friday and Saturday 14th and 15th of July at Točník Castle and will always present on Friday and Saturday on Kunětická hora, Švihov, Rožmberk nad Vltavou, Bezděz, Veveří, Hradec nad Moravicí and Bouzov and his This year's tour will be closed at the Slovak Red Castle Castle.

During the summer, fans at individual castle stops will see, among other concerts, such bands and performers as Tomáš Klus, Mig 21, Arakain & Lucie Bílá, Richard Müller, Horkýže Slíže , Mandrage or Rybičky 48 .

Last year, the organizers had a bit of a "hard work" and the program was the first to include Arakain with Luci Bila . After a long twelve years, Richard Müller will be present at the Castles CZ festival. "In 2005, Richard Müller launched the very first annual festival for several hundred people, which was a very nice concert with an interesting castle atmosphere, and we remembered him for years and we are wondering how his tons of immortal hits can be taken by a tens of thousands of audiences," he says One of the organizers, Michal Šesták.No Name, Olympic, Wohnout and Padlock will also be missing, while Ivan Mladek and Banjo Band will perform exclusively at Veveří Castle Friday's program, which will take place on Saturday, on two stages, And a half-tenth evening festival carnival featuring the best masks.

At the Castles CZ festival in the summer, for example, Anna K., Xindl X, Sto zvířat, Plexis or Portless will perform . A partner of the festival, where visitors can see, for example, Vladimir 518 and rapper Majka Spirita + H16 , is also the National Monument Institute this year. The festival ticket will thus again include free access to the sightseeing tours of individual monuments.

On the basis of positive feedback, this year Castle Castles CZ will host VIP Castle Camping with above-standard festival accommodation services for a fee. VIP Castle Camps are secure, fenced, guarded and illuminated areas with 24-hour reception and storage, mobile phone recharging, food and beverage purchases, hot water showers, washrooms and sanitary facilities. This is the first time that flush toilets are added . Stay towns remain free, there will be sanitary facilities, drinking water and waste bins.

The Castles CZ Festival will take place this year in Točník in the Central Bohemian Region (14th - 15th July), Kunětice Mountain in the Pardubice Region (21-22 July), Švihov in the Pilsen Region (28-29 July) In Rožmberk nad Vltavou in the South Bohemian Region (4. - 5. 8.), Bezděz in the Liberec Region (1. - 2.9.), Veveří in the South Moravian Region (11 - 12.8.), Hradec nad Moravicí in the Moravian-Silesian Region (18th - 19th August), Bouzov in the Olomouc Region (25th - 26th August) and the Slovak Castle Červený Kameň (10th September).


Anna K., Arakain and Lucie White, Horkýže Slíže, Ivan Mládek & Banjo Band, Majk Spirit + H16, Mandrage, Mig 21, Heaven, No Name, Olympic, Plexis, Portless, The Agony, Thom Artway, Tomáš Klus, A Little Rest, Xindl X, Padlock, Vypsaná Fixa, Vladimir 518, Wohnout

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