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Summer with Aphrodite - Women's holiday holiday in book novels

Four women of different ages and from different parts of the world are unaware, yet they have one thing in common: each has a problem with their loved ones. And each one deals with the holiday adventure on the Greek island of Corfu ...

Kim Green's book novelty Summer with Aphrodite is a great vacation reading that not only amuses, but also a book that opens women's eyes on what's really important to them. A smart and humorous story with a surprising narration reads one breath. Summer with Aphrodite, with an eloquent subtitle "Four Women, Sun, Beach and Dreams Fulfilled, " will be delighted by the fans of the successful American Sex in City series, which resembles its style.

Random, friendship and love

A collapsed interior designer from San Francisco, an Australian husband cheated, a miserable Hispanic and an unsuccessful writer from London. Each of them wants to escape from the problems and throw at least for a while a head of a marital crisis, tense family relationships or problems at work. And so it goes independently on a sunny holiday - to help them have a picturesque island of Corfu. Apparently, all four women join together. Together they then experience a spectacular adventure ride. Each of them trusts and hopes that the southern sun, a glass of sweet sambuka, or a handsome, tan of the Greeks will help her from her troubles. How do they find what they want and what they have to give up to get what they not only want, but what they really need in their lives?

Author Kim Green has studied international relations at Amsterdam University, but she is marketing. She is also an expert on healthy nutrition and a successful author of novel for women. In fictitious stories, humor and romance are connected. The book Summer and Aphrodite is published in the Czech Republic as its first title in the Czech language.

Do you know that ...?
... the island of Corfu, where the story of Summer and Aphrodite takes place, was a favorite place of aristocracy? The island had its Achilleion castle, the Austrian Empress and the Czech Queen Elizabeth Bavarian, called Sissi. Today the building and beautiful garden are in perfect condition open to the public. And the first eight years of his life was spent here by Prince Philip, the husband of British Queen Elizabeth II.
... Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and sexuality, fertility and beauty, was the wife of the Hephaist, but the fathers of her sons and daughters were "neighbors" gods - Arés, Hermes, Poseidon and Dionysos.

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