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Švanda's theater in the new season

The Smichov scene is set to open five premieres from September this year to June next year. In the varied program, the world classics will be presented from a different perspective, the original author's production and the small Czech stories unfolded against the background of great dictatorships.

Besides the Oscar Wilde, Friedrich Schiller, or the generation of Husák's children, Švandy will also focus on the media and terrorists, as Heinrich Böll described in the 1970s. And it will shine on the controversial moments of our history. According to the creators, viewers can look forward to strong stories in their own way.

Bourat stereotypes

Even in the forthcoming new theater season, Švanda's theater will be accompanied by a common theme. Her motto is "see differently," and it is precisely this that the Smichov scene will try with the forthcoming productions. As Martin Kinská, a tribute dramaturgist, explains: "We will continue to stereotypes. We also want to see a well-known work or ubiquitous phenomenon different from what is usual, " adds Kinská, who is also a successful author and director: her production, Pankrác '45, is among the most sought-after titles at Švandy.
It is precisely the controversial moments of Czech history and classical theatrical texts with overlapping to the present day that Smíchov theatrical artists want to spend even after the holidays. "We will try to interpret classical works in a striking way, and to break down their interpretative stereotypes, which often dampen the work and delay the viewer. We are betting on stories that resonate with us and in our country, " says Dodo Gombar, Director and Art Director of Švanda's Theater. "We strive for a personal and individual view," said Gombar, an experienced theater author and director.

Little human tragedies in times of great dictatorships

The season begins a confrontational drama titled Breaking Bread, which will take audiences to domestic events from the post-war period to the Velvet Revolution. The original play of the play by Josef Holcman (known as the author of the novel The Price of the Rock) is based on real events in South Moravia and its self-reflection after 1989. The story of friendship that has been in the history of great history will be directed by Doda Gombara. "Josef Holcman gives us a very open look at the family chronicles so that we can explore our own past again," says Gombar, who is co-author of the script.

Hunt for experience

Another premiere will be Oscar Wilde's classic of beauty and its aging reflection The Picture of Dorian Gray directed by Martina Kinská. Here Wilde's drawing attracts the theme of longing for eternal youth and endless enjoyment, but also the possibility of transcending the framework of traditional drama. This is why the performance of the performance will be played by the famous dancer and performer Miřenka Čechová. "To be" to experience "for most of our society, to provide a constant supply of stimuli and excitement. And so it becomes a dependence to catch the experience at any cost. But where is the border beyond which it can not go without consequences? " Asks the director for a production that will premiere her at the auditorium on February 10, 2018 in the Grand Hall.

Youth and love, maturity and profit

The third novel, featured on the big Smichov stage, will be the production of the top piece by the German classic Friedrich Schiller, The Deeds and Love. Director Martin Františák sees it as a confrontation of the power of pure emotion and the terrible disillusionment as a necessary component of adulthood. A very recent game about the collision of generations tells of a young love trapped in a network of relationships, pulling in the wires of reason and profit. "Friedrich Schiller was twenty-five when he began writing and love writing. It is a game of an angry young man refusing to adapt to the injustice of the "adult" world. The distinct language of youth in her encounters the corrupt language of experience, idealism is shattering about cynicism, " says translator and playwright Martin Sladecek. The first release is scheduled for May 26, 2018 in the Great Hall.

Who's the terrorist here?

He also returns to the Chamber Studio of ŠD as a director as co-author David Šiktanc. To dramatize, along with dramaturg Vladimir Cepek, he chose the world-famous novel "Lost Honor" by Catherine Blum, another German giant Heinrich Böll. The story of the title heroine describes the cruel media lynch to which she is exposed, so almost no one in her neighborhood believes her. Articles and reports give her everything possible, including links to a terrorist organization. Everything takes place in the backdrop of a carnival, where people dress up for sheiks and bedouins, while the missing bomber is not to be found ... The premiere is scheduled in the Studio Study on November 11, 2017.

After work, fun or "Pelíšky" did not take place

Following the productions of Gottland and Land Indifference, which reflected the different stages of Czech history, the Smíchov repertoire will expand the production of Daniel Hrbek and Paul Holý entitled Husák's Children in the new season. Eighties of the last century: is it a time of nostalgia, pink memories, the impulse to clear up with your own past or perhaps a little bit of it? What have we all experienced with the sounds of standardization hits and socialist shows? Was there any "Pelíšky" at that time, to what extent did the "schizophrenia of the soul" sign up to us and what is the price we pay for seemingly innocuous slogans like "After Work Fun" ? "These are all the questions that I am interested in, and because there is a lot in the ensemble of our theater, we need to talk about it. It's our generation that makes up the world today, " says Daniel Hrbek, director of the game and director of Švanda's Theater. The musical accompaniment of the production will be created by Pavel Holý, one of the founding members of the group Max (LP Your Body Flewed ...). The audience of the underground studio will see Husak's children premiered on April 28, 2018.

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