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Police checks on the water as on the road

Police checks on the water as on the road In summer, the police will, together with the State Navigation Authority, check compliance with water regulations, alcohol at boatmasters, but will also target fishermen, boat rentals or docks. Also, sites for safe bathing on water reservoirs will be expanded and an information campaign will be launched to highlight the most common water hazards.

That the traffic rules must be observed not only on the road, but also on the water will remind in summer extensive control on Czech water areas. Just like last year, mixed patrols made up of members of the police and navigational authorities who will focus on compliance, papers, or whether they are under the influence of alcohol are set off on the water. Chief Police Officer Martin Hrinko announced it. Focused patrols also want fishermen, boat charters or docks.

Last year's survey revealed a total of 328 misdemeanors at 1302 inspections. According to the director of the State Navigation Administration, Klára Němcová, the most mistaken were the leaders of the vessels who did not observe the marking on the water areas, did not have the documents or the registration of the vehicle, but also some were under the influence of alcohol.

Safe bathing also in Zermanice or Dalešice

There are other places added to the list of places where the ships can not float, namely Žermanice, Těrlicko and Dalešice. "It definitely proved to be good, and swimmers and swimmers welcomed, as there was a separation between sailing and other recreational activities," says Klara Nemcova. Already last year, people can safely bathe in the designated locations of Slapy, Orlík, Vranov and Brno reservoirs.

Intensity of shipping in the Czech Republic has increased significantly in recent years, according to the report of the navigation report, only 162 new vessels have been added last year and together less than 800 have been registered. The boatmaster's license increased last year by 1205 people on a total of 3359 permits.

An information campaign will highlight the most common water hazards

Due to the increased traffic on the water, the Ministry of Transport together with the State Navigation Administration and Czech Television decided to shoot mini-ships on the safety of sailing. From the end of June until mid-August, there will be six sections on TV that highlight the most common risks on the water, such as shipwreck crash, what is a pleasure cruise and where and why not swim.

The purpose of short programs will also explain how Czech laws define water areas and roads and who monitors and controls compliance with all rules.


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