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Female orlosupa from Zoo Ostrava was launched in Corsica ...

... to help recover the dying population of rare predators.

A female orlosupa brazathian, hatched in the zoo in Ostrava on March 1 and successfully raised by her parents, was planted in the wild in Corsica last Saturday. Together with other leaved orlosupes raised in human care, it can help save the disappearing Corsican population of these majestic predators. The Ostrava Zoo spokeswoman Šárka Nováková informed.

The staff of the Ostrava Zoo took part in the personal discharges and put the young females themselves into a prepared nesting site in the nature park Parc naturel régional de Corse. The drain was also attended by park staff, representatives of the Corsican government, and representatives of the Monk Prince Albert II Foundation, who have long been supporting the release of orlosups into nature.

The repatriation project in Corsica was launched last year, when the first two youngsters were launched. The female females of Ostrava together with the young are the third and fourth leapfrog in the area. Birds spend time so far on the nest because they are not yet feasible. They instill a new environment as their home before the nest leaves. The park staff monitor nests in the nest and feed on pipes to feed the nest so that the birds are not disturbed and have minimal contact with humans. Within a few days, the orlosupi transmitters will be sent to watch them when they leave the nest.

"The situation in Corsica is now critical, and this year there are no cubs in the wild. We firmly believe that when the birds arrive, they will find partners to help save the predator's existence on the territory of Corsica, " said Adela Obracajová of Ostrava.


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