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Sedmoláska, the new album of the biggest hits by Szidi Tobias

The Slovak star of the chanson Szidi Tobias has released a new double album entitled The Seventy. The recording is a collection of her best-known solo songs.

Szidi Tobias is an unmistakable singer with a velvet voice and an unforgettable actress, who now excels in Slovakia for example in the series The Secret Lives. In the Czech Republic, she is known mainly for her cooperation with the pair Petr Hapka and Michal Horáček . Now he comes with the newly uploaded abem of his biggest hits, which comes out in 2CD format and carries the gentle and romantic title of Sedmoláska .

This album is a selection of the best songs by Szidi Tobias, which are included in each solo album. Part of the album is also a well-known hit at the Hotel in Olomouc from Hapka & Horáček. Sedmoláka contains a total of 24 songs in concerts and new instrumentation. Sami Szidi says: "2 CD Sedmoláska was also created to listen to how well the guys from the band are playing. Thank you very much for that. The selection of songs went through a dense screen, but we quickly agreed on the final selection. Many songs have changed over the years. They are more mature. Or we're more mature. And you know what's best? That we still want to play, sing and play. "

On CD Sedmoláska you will hear the band composed by Szidi Tobias (vocals), Milan Vyskočáni (acoustic guitar, piano), Marcel Buntaj (drums), Martin Gašpar (double bass), Andrej Gal (violončelo), Richard Šimurka (tenorsaxofón) and Viliam Majer ) , Recording took place in the Cobrasound studio. "I have a great band. We uploaded this record in the studio in two days, before we had two exams. We wanted to have concerts on the CD, but it did not work. But we managed to play in the studio so you might feel as if you were at the concert. I'm very much hoping for it, " commented Szidi.

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Szidi Tobias
is a Slovak actress and singer with the real name Sidonia Tobias . She is currently a member of the Astorka Korzo '90 Theater in Bratislava. Its contribution to the world of Slovak and Czech chanson is not overlooked. So far she has recorded six albums: The Wild Poppy (2001), Punto Fijo (2003), The Two (2008), Do Wind (2010), Good Joy (2011), Jolanka (2014) and Now Seventy Years (2017). He also collaborates on musical projects with Michal Horáček, previously with Petr Hapka.

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