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Garlic repels ticks! This proved unique research

Are you afraid of ticking, but chemical repellents are unpleasant to you? Eat more garlic! If you are often in the wild, treat yourself to a couple of cloves every day. It can protect you from dangerous parasites just like the Swedish soldiers once.

The fear of sailors' health

The year 1998 was written and Navy training was conducted in the forests of southeastern Sweden. The soldiers spent long hours running and jumping in nature. The amount of ticks they brought from training each day was enormous and led to concerns about their health. Against tick encephalitis can be prevented by vaccination, but this prevention does not exist for Lyme borreliosis.

Good idea

In the prestigious medical magazine, at that time, an interesting study was published. She pointed to the fact that different bodily smells have an impact on how great our insect is "taste". The Swedish scientist, in cooperation with the soldiers, therefore tried to try to fight the ticks with garlic. No chemistry, no expensive drugs, but natural food and research were enough to make an extremely interesting discovery.

Mysterious capsules

A hundred soldiers were divided into two groups. Half a half had eaten a garlic extract capsule for several weeks, the other half of the same-looking capsule, but no garlic. The soldiers wrote every day how many ticks were caught. None of them knew whether they were taking effective capsules or placebo. Only scientists knew. After a short pause that needed to get rid of the garlic, the groups were exchanged for the next few weeks. All the time the soldiers wore the same uniforms, ate identical food, ran in the same woods - in short, they did not differ in anything that could distract the results.

It's working!

Research has shown that garlic consumption has a clear positive effect on tick protection. So, if you often move in nature, you can try or combine it with the use of repellents. Active defense is especially necessary in case of borreliosis. However, vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis is a certainty.

Source: Klíšťová

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