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You can also claim goods from the bazaar and pawnshop

You can also claim goods from the bazaar and pawnshop Not only for traders in classic shops, but also for bazaars and pawnshops, buyers can claim a bazar merchandise. In the first quarter of this year, the Czech Trade Inspection carried out 174 inspections of bazaars and pawnshops and found defects at 112, which represents almost 65%.

Most frequently, bans and pawnshops were breached by information obligations, namely provisions on the scope, conditions and manner of exercising the right to claim the purchased goods.

The Czech Trade Inspection carried out, during the period from 2 January to 31 March 2017, a controlling action with the bazaars and pawn shops operators, which focused on the fulfillment of legal obligations, in particular Law No. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, 247/2006 Coll., On Restriction of Operation of Pawn Shops and Some Other Stores at Night and Act No. 253/2008 Coll., On Certain Measures Against the Legalization of Proceeds from Crime and on Financing of Terrorism, where the person who offers or sells goods to Bazaars and pawnshops is required to produce an identity document.

Consumer advice for buying goods in bazaars and pawnshops

The consumer also has the right to information on the manufacturer, the importer or, where applicable, the supplier of the used goods, the name of the product and the size, dimension or other information required by its nature to identify or use

The seller is obliged to keep the consumer aware of these rules and to warn him / her of the risks of improper use in the case of used items where special rules are to be maintained (especially if they are used in their instructions)

The used goods must be clearly marked by the price and on request the seller is obliged to issue to the consumer a duly completed proof of purchase which serves in the case of liability for defects as proof of the product, by whom, when, for how much and in what condition was purchased

The Seller is obliged to inform the consumer about the scope of the goods and the right to claim the goods, as well as the extent and conditions of the right to claim the goods , the liability of the seller is stipulated in the Civil Code (§ 2165-2174 Act No. 89/2012) for consumer goods in general for 24 months , Of the consumer goods used , the seller may agree with the consumer that this period shall be shortened by half , but the shortened duration of liability for defects shall be indicated in the purchase receipt as well as any defects or defects with which the buyer was informed in advance

The seller must clearly draw attention to these facts and sell such products separately, the seller is also obliged to inform the buyer that the matter has a defect and what defect it is causing the defective product to be sold . Unless it is clear from the nature of the sale

In the case of used items sold at a lower price, the seller is not responsible for defects for which the price has been reduced , the consumer should also know when purchasing the item that if the product has a defect from which the seller is liable, the consumer has no right to exchange the item Discount on the price

The seller is also obliged to review or show the product at the consumer's request if its nature allows, for example, when it comes to a computer, telephone, television, camera or consumer electronics

The equipment of products where instructions for use and proper maintenance are required must be in the Czech language

Source: tz CTI, edited editorially

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