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Prague Zoo can boast of cheetahs

Of five small cheetahs, the Prague Zoo rejoices. The babies were born in mid-May and have a clue to the world. There are three males and two females. Visitors can look forward to seeing them in the middle of August, when they are scheduled to move along with their mother Savannah to the barracks at the beast pavilion.

Cheetah kittens were born on May 15 and weigh between 1.1 and 1.75 kg after almost a month. Mother of the Gepardate is the six-year-old female Savannah, who comes from the zoo in Colchester. There is a second litter with her. The baby's father is a five-year-old Ben of Ebeltoft in Denmark.

"The four youngsters are pretty pigs and one is smaller, but we believe that they will come in the next few days or weeks," says Pavel Brandl, the mammoth curator who oversees the new additions.

The Prague Zoo has gained gepard gains after 2.5 years. "Visitors to the five will see in mid-August. In the meantime, youngsters and mother will be at rest in the background, " adds Pavel Brandl.

The Prague Zoo has been keeping cheetahs since 1933 and the first pups have already been in 1972. Since then, 64 of them have been born in the Prague Zoo, including the May Patriots.

Source: tz, Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: P. Hamernik, Prague Zoo

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