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What to watch out for when you make your holiday yourself

What to watch out for when you make your holiday yourself If you are going to spend your holidays in the Czech Republic, you probably will not browse the catalogs of travel agencies where you would choose a complete tour with transport, accommodation and other services. If you set up your holiday yourself, the law will not protect you as well as in the case of a trip that is insured, and eventual damages are handled by its organizer. But you can save again.

So what do you have to watch out for when choosing holiday "on your own axis" and what are your rights?

One of the basic worries for you will surely find accommodation . The Accommodation Agreement can be concluded very simply without any formalities - such as a telephone or e-mail reservation. "Unlike other remote-controlled services, however, you can not withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason without incurring sanctions. The Accommodation Agreement has an exception and if you respond to an Internet offer, the contract becomes binding as soon as your reply comes to the accommodation, " notes Lukas Zeleny, Head of the Legal Department of dTest.

Of course, the accommodation can be canceled, the law allows termination of the contract at any time before and during the stay. It does not have to be free. If the landlord is not able to find a new person, then you must pay for any damage. If there is a half-year before the start, no damage can arise. But if you decide not to arrive the day before, you have to count on the fact that you will most likely pay the whole accommodation. Therefore, pay attention to the terms of the contract , which may include the requirement of severance or cancellation .

It is the responsibility of the property provider to pass the premises so that they can be used normally and undisturbed. The room must correspond to the quality of prior arrangement. "If you were attracted to photos of beautiful rooms with bathroom and view, such information as a part of the offer for the operator is binding. If your accommodation does not match or meet standard standards, request a remedy . If the landlord does not order it, you have the right to a discount , "says Lukas Zeleny.

You can also hire a cottage or a summer apartment for your holidays. Because it is not a contract for permanent housing, less strict rules apply to it - it does not necessarily have to be a written form . Unless you agree otherwise with the lessor, you must carry out routine maintenance on the hired property and take care of it properly. Maintenance beyond the normal frame and possible repairs is to be carried out by the lessor. Any defects must be removed immediately, especially when they prevent normal use of the property. If this is not the case and the landlord does not have the repairs, you can arrange it yourself and the price to get off the rent. If the defect is fundamental and makes it difficult to use the property, you have the right to remission of rent or to terminate the contract without notice.

The place where you spend your holiday, you can choose yourself, or use the services of travel agencies and agencies and choose from their offer. "Remember, however, if you travel by your own car, you do not enter a travel contract with your travel. In order to make a tour of the legal sense, it must include at least two tourist services, such as transport and accommodation, or transport, and guide services and the like, " explains Zeleny.

The intermediary
is legally required to ensure that the contract is concluded with a trusted person . You may not even suggest signing a contract if there is any doubt as to whether a third party will comply with the contract . If you fail to meet your obligations, you may request a claim for damages just after the intermediary. Here, too, it is worth paying attention to the conclusion of the contract so that the intermediary with a skillful clause in the terms of the contract does not try to get rid of his responsibility in advance . The condition would be equally invalid, but it would not be a fair approach.

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